IAm Keke Spreads God’s Message By Promoting The Gospel Through Her Musical Gift

IAm Keke is a gifted musician, singer, and songwriter. Her goal as an artist is the share God’s message with the world. She knows that God is real and understands our lives far better than we could ever understand it ourselves. Her new single “Good News” is proof of her desire and need to spread God’s will.

“My goal is to help people take God out of a box, be intentional about their relationship with HIM, and understand that while Grace is available to all of us, we should not take advantage of it.”

“Good News” Ft. Shasta is an uplifting and light-hearted piece about everything good. Celebrating life, love, and holy worship. The vocals are timeless and transporting. Keke is passionate about creating music about giving God and all His glory. She speaks her truth and her authenticity shines through. Raw and emotive, Keke describes her important relationship with God. It’s evident in “Good News” as the repeated message is about giving God our very best, and never taking advantage of His grace. IAm Keke continues to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through her incredible sound. Turn this single on, enjoy the music and let go.

Listen to “Good News” here!


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