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IAM3AM Releases His New Hit Single “Strangers/Famous”

Demetri whose better known for his stage name “IAM3AM” aka 3am or 3, is an American rapper from Fort Wayne, Indiana. In his career, 3am released a mixtape called “No Feelings” alongside a remix to Drake’s hotline bling which received 5 million + views on sound cloud, giving him international buzz and a growing following.

3am released his single titled “Strangers/Famous” off his latest EP titled “3 Hours After” and the smooth-sailing Rnb hit shows elements of classic and modern. 3am has a solid vocal tone filled with an exquisite articulation. If you think about great R&B vocalists such as Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Usher etc. who doesn’t require auto-tune to deliver a song, you get the product of 3am. He has raw, uncut talent and his riffs are insane! He transports his voice through many different registers and dynamics. His vocal range is highly impressive and he’s absolutely skilled as a vocalist to bring together a great hit due to his voice alone! “Strangers/Famous” is a song where unpredictable moments occur throughout. You can’t expect what’s next because either it’s 3am transitioning the record or the beat itself undergoing a transition! The record radiates good energy and vibes onto its listeners and you’re bound to feel a level of positivity. The melodies in “Strangers/Famous” becomes glued to our brains and it’s hard to forget them! 3am is a natural born talent who has a career ahead of him filled with longevity and success.

Listen to "Strangers/Famous" here and get to know more about IAM3AM in our exclusive interview below!

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far?

Building my fan base and actually getting people to support has been a major issue.

What is the meaning behind “3am”?

The name "3AM" is symbolic. It means to me the sacrifice of sleep an artist is willing to give up to perfect his/her craft.

What inspired you to write this record?

STRANGERS was actually created by freestyling. I was just in the booth playing around and said "My little secret, let's keep it hush. Girl, We both need this. Keep it between us" and was like "Yo, that's it!" and then just freestyled the rest of it.

Who are some of your key influences and why?

Chris Brown, because I used to get told I sounded like him in middle school, plus I just loved his work, and work ethic, Drake, because he always finds someway to make whatever he's talking about connect and you actually feel what he's saying. Musiq Soulchild, Because he's the prime example of R&B. He's smooth but has slick word usage making you think of things in ways you haven't before. (Ex: "And why must my arms feel so empty for what my heart still holds" & "How can love escape your grasp without you ever letting go?") Tupac, because he was real. After listening to Pac's music I vowed to make sure every lyric I spew is real to me in some way, shape, or form.

What’s next for you?

I'll just speak in to existence here. Success.


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