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IAMREBELWILL Got Us "Addicted," To His New Single

Grooving his way from Montreal to Toronto is pop recording artist and versatile singer-songwriter IAMREBELWILL with his sleek and sizzling new single entitled "Addicted."

Influenced by the showmanship of Janet Jackson, the eclectic artistry of Andre 3000, and the vibes and feels of Kaytranada, it's safe to say that IAMREBELWILL's music is food for the soul. His artistic brand firmly challenges the stereotypical perspective in mainstream pop music and empowers the underrepresented LGBTQ+ and POC community to be themselves unapologetically.

Soon to be releasing his forthcoming seductive, contemporary pop album 'RebelFuturism,' IAMREBELWILL gives us a taste of what to expect on the project with his new groovy hit "Addicted." The Toronto-based artist says this single is an anthem of being hopelessly in love while reflecting on the experience and wondering how it happened. Co-written with Tafari Anthony and produced by Nick Katz, "Addicted" awaits.

Without further ado, "Addicted" breaks open like a ray of sun with warm and beachy Kaytranada-like synths and a rhythmic, groovy drum beat. As IAMREBELWILL's velvety and rich vocals begin poring through our speakers, the beat continues to expand while he continues to sing of being hopelessly and happily addicted to someone's sweet and sensual love.

This song is oozing with energy, charisma, and soul, and we adore IAMREBELWILL's ability to merge modern electronic elements with the nostalgic and familiar feeling of past pop/r&b. The production and sonic arrangement are truly top tier, and we can only imagine kicking back on a sunny island beach when listening to this passionate hit.

Proceed with caution; you might get "Addicted" to IAMREBELWILL's latest single. Find the new bop on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, IAMREBELWILL. We're truly impressed with the blissful yet groovy atmosphere you've provided on your latest single, "Addicted." When did you begin feeling inspired to create this passionate tune?

Relationships, the good, the bad, the meaningful, and the heartache always play a part in my writing journey. I love to story tell and at the time when we brainstormed, we wanted to share stories that were authentic to our experiences. Unfortunately, this was based on a toxic relationship, I went through a couple of years back, writing has always been therapeutic for me! So working through my pain by writing this song has really helped me and I also happened to create a great song that I’m immensely proud of.

Have you worked with co-writer Tafari Anthony before? What was your songwriting chemistry like for "Addicted"?

Tafari and I had just met at an event called PrideXSoul back in 2020 the week before the pandemic hit. We decided to work together because the vibes were there. The whole process was via Zoom and Google Docs back and forth, it really kept the music inside of me alive! Bouncing ideas off another creative and being able to create something that was important to both during such a difficult time for everyone. Creating with Tafari was a joy, and he was such a integral part of the creative process as well! I’m very glad to call him not only a fellow artist, but friend!

How did producer Nick Katz help execute your ideas for "Addicted"? What sort of vibe did the two of you want to go for?

Nick Katz was another instrumental part of this project. His ability to hear things and transpose our humming into these elaborate masterpieces is truly a talent. Honestly, my goal in the project was to dance away my emotions. If I was not dancing during the process, we knew had to change something or scrap the track altogether. Nick really knew how to capture the essence of me in my songs, everything starts with the beat for me and Nick knew that; he was able to transform my feelings and words, and put them into instrumentation! It was as if he was living in my brain for a moment, great producer.

How does "Addicted" fit into the theme or concept of your upcoming album, 'RebelFuturism'? Why did you choose to release "Addicted" as the lead single?

RebelFuturism is the commentary of being black queer and navigating the social confines of life from love to heartbreak to lust and discrimination. I wanted to make this project to show these topics are universal no matter what lenses it’s presented through. I wanted to showcase queer love, our joy, and heartache within the BIPOC community, I wanted to tell them it’s okay to express yourself and that our lives and struggles aren’t simply characters on a screen! It’s real


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