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iBleazy Reminds Us to Live Unapologetically in, "Note 2 Self"

From Colorado Springs and Southern California, singer-songwriter and recording artist iBleazy releases a hopeful and inspiring single with an accompanying music video entitled "Note 2 Self."

Making his debut on American Idol and choreographing World Dance festival performances led iBleazy to Long Beach, CA. Fast forward ten years, iBleazy has now released a plethora of inspirational hits fueled with endearing expressions. After releasing his debut EP, 'Get to Know Me Pt. 1,' iBleazy gained incredible recognition and secured a loyal following.

"The song is a look into the darkest point of my life and also a perspective of what I am currently going through. I have been sober now for nine months, and this song talks about substance and my depression/mental health," said iBleazy on his latest feel-good and inspirational single, "Note 2 Self."

Listening to "Note 2 Self," the song opens with a plucky guitar sample that drops into the lush and melodic r&b beat. As iBleazy makes his way in, he melts our speakers with his passionate and warm vocals while singing incredibly personal and vulnerable lyrics and encouraging us to do what makes us happy.

Peaking at the music video, we're met with a distorted and crunchy voicemail vocal that reminds us of past pain and trauma. The music video emphasizes conceptual scenes where iBleazy is slipping into a bathtub, representing his lowest times. Later, he's seen emerging with neon paint and running into the sunset to remind viewers to live for themselves unapologetically.

Experience the motivational music video for iBleazy's "Note 2 Self" on YouTube, and find the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic iBleazy. We highly appreciate such inspirational and vulnerable pieces like "Note 2 Self." At what moment did you feel inspired to write this motivational piece?

I think at many times during anyone's artistry you always try to put stuff out there that is going to make a lasting impression, a forever thought or memory. With Note 2 Self, it was a really bittersweet moment. I was introduced to the production and it was almost like, these thoughts, this time in my life, were ready to not be a "secret" anymore. The pen-to-paper flow was very spiritual and almost magical as cliche as that sounds. What I mean by that was the words just fell onto the paper. There was no thought behind the words. Like they had been bottled up, the bottle tipped over and it was word vomit. Anytime I sing this song out loud, I feel my smile and how big it gets and that's how I know/knew it was going to be something special and something that needed to make its way to this earth and your ears. What did you want your audience to learn from the single "Note 2 Self?" What thoughts you emotions did you want to provoke?

Outside of just blatantly not giving a fuck and doing you and living your life....the message is that you may feel alone in your dark times, you may feel like the only option is the run with the Devil, but the bottom line is your mental health starts with you and sometimes that start is the thought process and reclaiming that you are worthy. Looking back at the happy times and the memories you are worth this space on earth. Taking a note from your higher being who is working so hard to make you feel at peace, listen to that self. Learn from that self. I hit rock bottom 9 months ago and many times before that, I was ready to commit, be done, hands washed of it all, but I decided to listen to that little voice of reason, and I am so happy I did. Did you direct the music video for "Note 2 Self?" Who helped you on set to bring the video to life?

The Video was shot by J Angel Visuals and directed by Zone3. Zone3 also helped me with the creative thought process behind it. We were introduced (shout out to DJ PARRISH) and from the very beginning, it was a solid creative connection. My mind is weird, especially when it comes to my creativity, so to have someone where you explained something once, they listened to your song and had a video treatment within a few weeks and there were no questions or needing to re-explain myself, I knew it was going to be a special kind of collaboration. Between his direction and J's visuals he captured, I couldn't be happier with the video. The first time I saw it, I squealed like a child. Would you say that most of your discography comprises inspirational songs like "Note 2 Self?" Why are you so adamant about leaving the listener feeling motivated and content?

I would say that's pretty accurate. Inspiration through stories. Let's be real, I feel like anyone can write a song these days about "bustin' caps," "Drinking bottles with shawty," "spending all this money," etc., I also feel like anyone can write a song that has inspired through personal struggle or life stories, but 9 out of 10 times because of INDUSTRY standards, you're going to put out what society deems acceptable at that time or what we are obsessed with at the time and it tends to be the typical party and bullshit persona. I also feel like as a guy, we are thought out to be the creatures of pure masculinity which is fucking damaging. I don't think there are enough guys out there talking about their feelings, their thoughts, their stories, our bouts with Mental Health, etc. because we as guys shouldn't wear our feelings on our shoulders or be expressive of them. For my guys doing it, I see you and I am a Fan. So for me, I want to be that "other person" outside of the norm, because normal is boring and if my stories can help 1 other person I've done my job. What's next for you?

Gosh, what isn't next for me! World Domination, lol! No, I'm ever-changing and ever-growing, so I can't fully answer that, but I can say Live Shows this year maybe a Festival Roster slot for yours truly next year (hint, hint), more visuals, and bringing my dance side back to life in future projects. Content, Vlogs all of it! I'm in my season of YES, so if it fills my cup and has some sort of benefit you will be seeing me participating in some sort of way. Lots of music is vaulted up right now, so we will see where 2022 takes us.


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