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Iceeapher Releases Smashing New Hit “Case Closed”

From the crest side neighborhood of Mac Dre, home of the bay area’s Mecca of hip-hop comes Vallejo CA the hottest new rapper, Iceeapher. He released his latest single “Case Closed” and it embodied every element of the ‘hyphy’ stereotype of the bay area. Iceeapher begins the song with an instant party. You’re already feeling the hype from the addicting beat and danceable rhythm.

“Case Closed” is the song that will get the party started and it’s the perfect crunk anthem. While listening to the record you immediately feel like you’re apart of the movement, culture, and location of the artist. Iceeapher influences, background, and upbringing radiated throughout “Case Closed” and it’s something highly raw and natural we love in an artist. Their capability of being who they are, and allowing their authentic nature to shine. But that isn’t the only captivating moment in the song. Iceeapher delivery and lyrical metaphors were also a killer! He has his own rap style significantly noticeable yet highly relatable. We will definitely be on the lookout for more music from this upcoming hit-maker who knows how to create the right mood with the right hook and right song!

Check out Iceeapher's "Case Closed" now on Spotify and keep scrolling for the artists exclusive interview!


What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far?

Just the every day challenge that I face in my life. I make my career my life so anything I go through daily is what I go through wit my career.

Tell us about your song “Case Closed” and the meaning behind it?

Well, it is a lot of rats in our in our generation, I'm pretty sure it's a lot rats in every generation and then you know just in Case Closed because they snitched on a real one. You never go against the code.

What inspired you to write “Case Closed”?

My folks Chris hit me with this fire ass beat and I'm like yeah man this shit go crazy. He said man come to the studio, you got somethin' written down? I’m like hell no I don’t be writing shit down and then I hopped in the lab and we made magic.

Who are some of your key influencers and why?

Man I want to say God first and my girl & my son & then my family man you know all my thugs and you know off top Mac Dre rip.

What’s next for you through 2019?

Dropping a whole lotta new music, man you know focusing on this Album fans want an album from me so I got them. Feel me, I'm doing whatever the fans want me to do man, you know. The biggest thing of this year is me having my first kid you know, so I'm really about to apply pressure 2019 I'm coming!


Connect and stay updated with Iseeapher via the artists Instagram.


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