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Icesis Couture Pops “La Pusetta,” In Velvet Code’s Newest Hit

Canadian award-winning genderfluid electronic music producer, DJ, and songwriter Velvet Code team up with the one and only Icesis Couture for their flaming single and music video, "La Pusetta."

The Toronto-hailing producer has been called "The Queen Hit Maker" after working with Drag recording artists from around the world. With a 15-year-long career in the music industry, Velvet Code has gotten to work with names like Wendy Starland, Mark Saunders, and Taylor Swift while getting chosen for Lady Gaga's Chromatica Billboard remix team.

Velvet Code later launched their record label SO FIERCE MUSIC, and their latest addition was none other than Canada's Drag Race Season 2 superstar and winner Icesis Couture. Together, the fierce artists show us what they've got with the new and heated banger, "La Pusetta."

Taking a look at the lively music video for the new hit, Velvet Code takes us into The Lookout Bar while their steamy and exciting synths kick the song into gear. As we step into the club, who bursts through the door? The familiar face we know and love, Icesis Couture, strapped in a tight red leather dress with matching arms-length gloves, oozing confidence with her spicy Latina flow.

As she jumps into a fiery rap and gives us all that body, face, charisma she showed us on CDR Season 2, Velvet Code keeps the party alive with their vibrant and sexy sonics alongside organic brass elements that take the groove to new levels. As Couture slays the day with a high-energy dance break, she changes into a blonde bombshell with a shimmering sequin cocktail dress to close the video with a bang.

Get up and sissy that walk, with Velvet Code and Icesis Couture's latest single, "La Pusetta." Find the music video on YouTube and single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Velvet Code. We're thrilled to feature your latest exciting single with Icesis Couture, "La Pusetta." How did this song come to life? Did you create the product specifically for Icesis Couture?

Thank you so much! I got inspired by multiple meetings with Icesis, where we talked about the meaning behind La Pusetta and what the song needs to have to make it extra. I think we accomplished it!

What was it like working with Icesis Couture for "La Pusetta?" Have you developed specific chemistry working with each other?

Icesis Couture has been a delight to work with! You could say there is chemistry, and we're now working on an EP. The only issue is trying to explain what house music is, haha! But other than that, she has been amazing to work with, and I hope we are going to make a lot of hit songs together!

Could you take us through your creative process when crafting the production for "La Pusetta?" What kind of vibe and energy were you looking to create?

The first thing, and almost always for me, is the drums and groove. I wanted to create a groove that was going to make your move, but not too fast, about 122 BPM. It needed to be sexy, which meant live saxophone was needed from there. Then it was time for Icesis to come up with the lyrics. Her drag sister (and actual brother) Savannah Couture came up with some of the hooks, so we need to give credit where credit is due! Once an outline of lyrics and melody was created, I finished the bass line, added effects, and impacts, and we were away to the races!

Could you tell us more about your label SO FIERCE MUSIC? Why did you want to create a label, and what artists do you mainly work with?

So Fierce Music is a new kind of music & entertainment company for artists marginalized and disadvantaged by the mainstream music industry because of age, race, gender, or sexual identity. My goal is to help bring LGBTQ+ Music artists and allies to the mainstream by providing them with a platform that gives them a leg up and an opportunity to be seen and heard.

What's next for you?

We are announcing our first main event at the beginning of March, a Fierce and Fabulous Affair. If you would like more information on the event, please visit

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