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Idahams Explores Dualities Of Romance On “Wetin No Good”

The Bonny Island native triumphantly returns with a new Afrobeat anthem for your listening pleasure.

With two critically acclaimed projects under his belt and over 50 million streams, Idahams has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting new faces in Afropop music. Having already turned heads with his dynamic debut album “Truth, Love and Confessions,” which brought universal acclaim, the Afropop and amapiano musician is not content to remain complacent. Once again raising the bar with his new release “Wetin No Good,” it’s clear Idahams is on a mission to release hit after hit with each new release.

Originally from Bonny Island in Nigeria’s river state, Idahams knew he had something special when he finished recording “Wetin' No Good.” Produced in collaboration with Yussy Beatz (who fans of afro beats might recognize for working with artists like Adekunle Gold and Yemi Alade), Idahams describes 'Wetin No Good' as a catchy, infectious pop song that blends elements of afrobeat and amapiano to create something truly special for your listening pleasure. It's a prime example of Idahams at his musical best, blending traditional rhythms with modern pop production to create a fusion that is easy to listen to and vibe to.

From the first note, Idahams sweeps you away in magical drum patterns and thumping basslines. His captivating vocal delivery and lush melodic arrangements add an extra layer of depth and emotion. Speaking on the content of the song, Idaham says that “Thematically, the song captures two different feelings and interpretations – on the one hand, you are being served a hot breakfast of sad love and heartbreak, but on the other hand, you could be having the best sex of your life.” Simply put, “Wetin No Good” explores love's duality and infinite possibilities, performed in an enchanting afro-fusion style that Idaham flawlessly pulls off. We can’t wait to see what he has for us next.

For fans of Afropop and highlife music, 'Wetin' No Good' is a must-listen. Whenever you’re ready to infuse some rhythm into your life, stream “Wetin' No Good” and peep a dynamic rising artist at the top of his game.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Idahams! We loved “Wetin No Good,” the fusion of afrobeats, amapiano and pop was pulled off flawlessly, and we can tell how much work you put into this track! We have to ask, what inspired you to make this song? Were you drawing from personal experience? I've heard many stories, even from my male friends especially, and we've all had that one time when we were with a girl that just had a hook on us both emotionally and physically. It's a feeling that is relatable and almost unforgettable. That was the inspiration for the song. I had to go into my feelings to write the song, and "Wetin''' No Good" is the beautiful outcome. So you’re originally from Bonny Island, Nigeria. What is the music scene like there, and how do you think it’s helped shape you as an artist? We have more music bands and choir groups in Bonny Island. We can count the new age solo artists from the Island, but we cannot talk about music and entertainment in Bonny Island without extending it to PH City. You see the way Lagos is the center of entertainment in Nigeria; that's how Port Harcourt is the heart of entertainment in the Niger Delta region. You already know that we PH boys are at the forefront of African music right now, and it's not just Burna Boy; it's also your Hitboi Idahams, Omah Lay, Ajebo Hustlers, 1da Banton, and not leaving out Timaya, Duncan Mighty, Dan Dizzy, Mr 2Kay and so on. Can you take us through your creative process? How do you make music? Is it a more in-the-moment inspiration thing for you, or do you plan a concept for a song and work from there? My creative process depends on a variety of factors, but the constant thing is that I am constantly voicing or recording on my phone before the actual studio recording. I can get a rhythm idea or lyric line and save it to my phone. Sometimes, it can be the beat a producer may have sent me. The idea can even come from another song I may be listening to and so on. I don't have a steady routine for making music. Some songs are made in a matter of minutes, while some can take months to finish. What is your favorite part about being a musician and making music? I'll say it's the liberty to create without restrictions. I am signed to a label, which is Grafton Records; my boss and management do not impose or enforce a vibe on me. They let me be me with my music. That's not to say I don't have A&R support from my label, but they guide me more than drag me through each creative process. What’s next for Idahams? Do you have any big plans for the rest of the year? My plans for the rest of the year will unfold as the year goes by. The first thing on my list is this new song, "Wetin No Good"; I'm discussing the plans and concepts for the video with my team, but for now, we are pushing the audio and looking out for your support to get the word as far around the world as possible.


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