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Idahams Keeps the Good Vibes Going On His Alluring Remix Of His Hit Single “Wetin No Good”

The Nigerian artist continues to show a remarkable ear for melodies alongside standout verses from Eltee Skhillz and Dandizzy.

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Nigeria's Bonny Island, Idahams has rapidly emerged and established himself as one of the most captivating faces in Afropop music. With two critically acclaimed projects under his belt and over 5 million streams to his name on his last single, "Wetin' No Good," the singer and producer has firmly cemented his place among Afropop's brightest rising stars. Now, he's set to reach even greater heights, bringing us an electrifying "Wetin' No Good" remix to keep the good vibes flowing.

Idaham's musical journey has always been rooted in his hometown's rich culture and sounds. Whether channeling pop, afrobeat, or a piano, his releases are always characterized by his ability to infuse rhythm and keep you moving. His ventures into music videos are similarly alluring; for the video for "Wetin' No Good," Idahams tapped award-winning Nigerian filmmaker Promise Charles. Shot in Lagos, the visual narrative revolves around three leading men, including Idahams, lusting after the same love interest, only to discover her plans for serving them all a dose of heartbreak, humorously represented as a hot breakfast in Nigerian slang.

With the remix set for release on July 20 via Grafton Records, Idahams has somehow taken "Wetin No Good" to even greater levels of sonic brilliance. The remix retains the magical drum patterns, thumping bassline, and lush vocals of the original but elevates the experience with an infectious Eltee Skhillz verse and witty Dandizzy wordplay. Although Idaham deals with serious matters of love and heartbreak, he can still keep the song's mood fairly light through his vocal performance, making for a good listening and dancing experience.

For any fans of the original or Afropop in general, the new remix of "Wetin No Good" will surely capture your hearts and ears. Whenever you start to have those cravings for rhythm, tap in and stream Idaham's new remix of "Wetin No Good," available now on all major streaming platforms.

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