If You Love Your Mama, Then You’ll Love This New Song by ROY3LS

After listening to the new song "Quality Lady" by the ROY3LS, there is no doubt that these three sisters love their mama. Known for their positive messages and connective music, these girls have used their newest song as a platform to acknowledge strong women. They sing their mother’s praises for being a strong example of a "Quality Lady" and raising them to be as such. The positive lyrics are paired with an up-tempo pop beat, that serves to emphasize the effect of the powerful words. When the chorus rolls around, the girls sing a catchy and enthusiastic hook that celebrates their confidence and their pride at being strong women. This is a message that all women can and should get behind. Far too often, women are unable to find their strength and confidence; well this song is the positive reinforcement that women need.

ROY3LS ability to connect people of all cultures, races, and religions through their music, has created a stir all around the world. The sisters are gaining momentum quickly, and with the release of "Quality Lady", women around the world are rejoicing. Song after song, this band is fulfilling their destiny of bringing us all together through honest representation and reflection. We can’t wait to see what ROY3LS do next.

Listen to "Quality Lady" here.

Hello ROY3LS, welcome to Buzz Music and thank you for being here. We love the positive messages that you are spreading through your music. How do you get inspiration for the songs you write?

Destini - We get a lot of our inspiration from what God is doing in our lives and the stories of our generation.

There are few things better than doing what you love, with those that you love.

What is it like, working so closely with your sisters?

Faith - It's honestly the best! Who wouldn't love working with their squad? But on a serious note, it's nice to have a team that is always helping you be your best you and who see your heart even on your hardest days.

In "Quality Lady", you sing about your mother and how she has influenced the

people you’ve become. What does family mean to you?

Stefanie - Our Mom has been an incredible example of what it means to be a "Quality Lady". She's been a major role model of what it looks like to be a woman of strength, confidence, and most importantly what it means to live out your beliefs. She's shown us how to love people through good times and bad, and been such a cheerleader for us in everything we've pursued in life. And as far as family is concerned, next to our faith, it's the most important thing to us.

ROY3LS aim to capture the human experience through their music and uplift.

What advice would you tell a fan or fellow artist/musician who is chasing their dreams?

Destini - Surround yourself with people that genuinely believe in your vision, have your best interest in mind, and are willing to have honest conversations about what you need to do, in order to achieve your vision. People that love you and tell you you're the "greatest" will only insure one thing: That you never will be!

What can fans expect next, ROY3LS?

Faith - We have SO much happening behind the scenes right now and we can't wait to share everything, but for now just know we have new music, music videos, and additional content scheduled for release into 2021, as well as doing festivals and other events! So follow, subscribe, and like our pages to stay updated on everything.