If You’re Not Listening To Johnning’s New Single, “WHAT THE HELL,” Are You Doing?

The hardworking multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and versatile recording artist Johnning start the year with a bang through his latest empowering single, "WHAT THE HELL."

The compelling singer-songwriter recently finished a double major university program and has quickly established himself as a unique and dedicated artist. Since his debut in 2014, Johnning has accumulated over 3 billion streams while collaborating with artists and producers worldwide.

Johnning recently released his first single of the year, "WHAT THE HELL," and it's quite the statement piece. The song exploded our speakers with punk-inspired guitars, an anthemic hook, and a drop reminiscent of the nostalgic 2010s EDM era. "The idea of the song is to tell yourself to have the guts to take the leap and dare to commit yourself to that special one you might have feelings for," notes Johnning.

Jumping into the new hit, "WHAT THE HELL," the track kicks off with distant synth melodic that sinks into the foreground. As the warm and emotional punk-inspired guitars begin to strum through the track, Johnning's melodic and soft vocals appear while painting many passionate and loving scenes through his tender and inspirational lyricism.

As we approach the drop, Johnning bathes our speakers in this uplifting and chilling atmosphere that reminds us of acts like Major Lazer and Illenium. We adore the song's motivational theme; Johnning makes it clear that passing the time wishing to be by someone's side isn't the way to live life. As he closes the song on a note of passion and desire, we're left feeling as empowered as ever.

Don't waste your time; tell them what they mean to you with help from Johnning's latest single, "WHAT THE HELL," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BUzzMusic Johnning. We love your latest sing, "WHAT THE HELL." What inspired you to open your heart and create this go-getter single? I’m thrilled to be a part of this interview with you guys and thanks for having me on! When it came to the inspiration behind this new single “WHAT THE HELL” it happened back in the studio together with my friend Philip Strand who is the co-producer of this track. We were mainly discussing how we both grew up with punk/rock music in general with bands like Blink-182, Green Day, and so on. I then had the idea of mixing elements from punk/rock music with EDM and we instantly started writing. The phrase WHAT THE HELL came immediately to mind and we began to form a storyline around it. Eventually, we wanted to create clever lines with some unserious yet bold statements and leave the rest up for interpretation for the listener to decide what individual they are in the song. Why did you choose to create this nostalgic 2010s EDM atmosphere for “WHAT THE HELL?" Does this era hold a significant meaning to you? Firstly, when sitting in the studio listening to the song it was clear that a cool drop that also brings you back to the good old days of the nostalgic 2010s EDM was the way to go. I contacted Yaro, a major producer in the industry who has worked with some big names in the music industry. He was on board right away and decided to co-produce the song. Moreover, since this song was based on childhood influences with Punk/Rock music it felt not more than right to use the back in the day EDM vibe. The era of the iconic EDM drops raises so many memories for me personally. My music career started based on that music and it was with many of those atmospheric elements I entered the NoCopyrightSounds community and created the hit Heroes Tonight. Since I’m coming back now after some years on NCS with this single I wanted to give back to all the people who have supported me on this journey and deliver a nostalgic, yet modern EDM single. How do you want your audience to react and receive the single “WHAT THE HELL?" What do you hope the single does for them? I want the audience to get a nostalgic feeling when they listen to this single. I want to bring them back to the good days when they first started to engage with this style of EDM music and also people with experience from the Green Day and Blink-182 days. I want people to see the clever and bold yet fun ways we have written the song lyrically, as we left the interpretation of the song open for the audience to decide. Why do you think your career has been so successful? What do you think draws listeners to you and your music? I believe on a personal note that my music career has been successful based on 2 reasons, hard work and a bit of luck. There are an insane amount of good artists out there that may never be discovered, so the fact that I have gotten so far that I have, I’m truly thankful for. Also, I’m an extremely hard worker that doesn't have an Off button anywhere to be found. I feel that people who listen to my music can connect with the storyline and lyrics that I write. Most lyrics I write are very honest about me and my story so I’m glad that there are so many people out there who like my voice but also feel connected to the songs personally. What’s next for you? Next up is to release even more music during 2022 and I have over 30 songs waiting to be released at the moment so it will be a hectic 2022 for sure. It will probably be much more music with a similar feel to “WHAT THE HELL”, however, it will also be more studio sessions and more work together with my team to give out the best music to my audience out there. So stay tuned for much more music to be released during this year!