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IISMA Invites Us to "Chillback, Relax," With His New Music Video

From Puerto Rico to the USA, singer-songwriter and r&b artist IISMA releases a smooth and conceptual single with an accompanying music video entitled "Chillback, Relax."

Born into a musically inclined family, IISMA's interest in music creation began at a seemingly young age. Although he was surrounded by salsa until his teens, it wasn't until his family moved to America that he found his love and devotion for r&b/soul music, which is his undeniable niche.

Recently releasing his passionate and conceptual music video for "Chillback, Relax," listeners can catch IISMA in a reflective state as he opens up about the troubles of an untrusting relationship. While the video's female lead hovers over IISMA's phone at each moment she can, IISMA invites her to "Chillback, Relax," and find their relationship's trust once again.

The music video for "Chillback, Relax" opens with IISMA and his female counterpart arguing outside their home, which transitions into a solo and reflective IISMA serenading us with velvet vocals while dressed to the nines. As he begins being caressed and pulled back by his lover, the video transitions into scenes that depict the loving and happy side of their relationship, which seems to go south every time IISMA gets a phone call.

As IISMA continues to defend himself and wonder why he's being treated in such a way that defies trust and honesty, the video leads us to the closing scenes while IISMA and his counterpart take a needed break to rethink and reevaluate their personal issues.

Don't miss out on IISMA's latest honest and meaningful music video for his single, "Chillback, Relax," now available to watch on YouTube.

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