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In a Musical Workshop of Mass Production, Ezza CG Brings Forth, "Vibes Are Us"

Back with another tantalizing hit, Ezza CG collaborates with production designer SACHY in order to bring forth the enigmatic creation of, “Vibes Are Us.”

Ezza of Choom Gang is an award-winning rapper from St. Catharine’s, Ontario known for creating introspective and inspiring Hip-hop melodies that tiptoe the line between modern and timeless.

Submerging his listeners in the wavy effervescence of his most recent hit, “Vibes Are Us,” Ezza CG showcases an everlasting side of himself as he collaborates with Light Spectrum, and iLL Table Manners in order to portray the rhythmic hues that glisten a spotlight on the wistful record.

The lyrical dexterity that Ezza CG coveys have us swerving through a bountiful offering of witty quips and consummate rhyme schemes. Smoother than butter, Ezza CG rides the cadences like a gliding wave as the cognizant wording in his vocalization coincides with the melodic tenors the uplifting instrumentation provides.

Going above and beyond, Ezza CG brings a visual component to the table as he recruits Ryan Skursky to direct the award-winning cinematic elements. With the brightly colored fashion being rocked with panache, the visuals featuring Ezza CG in Niagara Falls as we see each word of the impeccably timed versus flash on the screen punching harder through our conscious shell as we take them in.

“Vibes Are Us,” allows us to tap into the sector of ourselves that Ezza CG intends for us too. With a hunger in his vocals, Ezza CG flaunts his artistic talents as he continues to make captivating music that shimmers in the light of awakening. Speaking from his soul, the authenticity that drips from this creation resonates with his audience members far and wide.

Congratulations on the release of “Vibes Are Us.” What is the overall inspiration that fueled the creation of this witty masterpiece?

Thanks so much for your kind words! The album (Just Before Dawn: 2nd Wave) was pretty much complete, but I really wanted something warm and welcoming to set off the record. My dad is a huge music lover, and he's given me quite a few bits of advice that have stuck with me over the years - one of them being that you should always try to start an album with one of your best songs. When I heard the beat for "Vibes Are Us", which was made by Swedish producer SACHY, I knew right away I wanted to start the album with it. The lyrics then basically spilled out of me - I'm pretty sure I wrote it all in one session and thought "yup, this is track 1," then took a couple of drafts to perfect it... it's very representative of what I want to get across as an artist.

How did Light Spectrum and iLL Table Manners contribute to the sound that we hear on this record? What was it like working with another on this track?

Once I wrote and recorded my parts for "Vibes Are Us," I felt it needed a little more. My friend Pluto Hann had introduced me to Light Spectrum a few months earlier, and I really love his voice - I feel like it has a very relatable quality to it. I already had him record a verse for me for another song, but for some reason, I felt I needed his vocals on this as well, so I hit him up and he sent me back exactly what I needed to spice up the mix... then I had iLL Table Manners get on there and pepper some turntable scratches throughout. The three of us have all received accolades from the Niagara Music Awards, so it was also a little call to that.

How did it feel to win the Hip Hop Artist of the Year at the Niagara Music Awards in 2019?

I did win the Hip Hop Artist of the Year at the Niagara Music Awards in 2019, and iLL Table Manners won the same award in 2020! It's cool because the two of us have been friends for years, and finally started working on music together more recently... in Niagara, there's really not a whole lot of opportunity for up and coming musicians, especially in hip hop - most of the artistic community moves on to Toronto. We're really proud to have the NMAs here because it gives those of us who continue to drive the culture forward at home a chance to shine, and I'm honored they've recognized all 3 artists on "Vibes Are Us" (Light was nominated in 2020 for his work in the Adult Contemporary genre.)

What is the main message that you hope for your listeners to take away from “Vibes Are Us?"

Life is really what you make it - these vibes are us. I say in another song on the album, "this is quantum physics meets common sense," and that's really what I'm trying to get across with this whole album. "Vibes Are Us," is exemplary of the album, and the album is exemplary of my craft. I want to explore the path of spiritual enlightenment that we find expressed in ancient texts, in my modern music, and I hope I can help my listeners find themselves the way hip hop helped me find myself. Anybody can be anything! Thanks so much for your time.



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