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In a World Full of Chaos, Dominique Gorley Reminds Listeners to Be, "Fearless"

Taking the world by storm with yet another poignant single to showcase her extensive vocal range, the Jazz infused, Contemporary R&B songstress Dominique Gorley radiates a warming sense of community in her latest sonic and visual pairing for “Fearless.”

Enlisting the talents of the multifaceted Ottawa videographer Quest, this anthem instills a sense of community and courage at a time where the world is left uncertain about its current state. Reiterating a powerful message that reminds her audience to be fearless during these times of weakness, Dominique Gorley incorporates friends, family, and fans into her music video as she showcases 34 signs of personal quotes of strength throughout the filmic component.

As we took in the inspiring visuals multiple times, we couldn’t help but realize the immense amount of detail and pride that went into a creation of this caliber. Transitioning through the mind-altering confidence that bursts from each impeccably placed scene, the two main filming locations of “Fearless,” happen to be in Dominique Gorley’s hometown of Ottawa, Canada.

Taking place at Down to the Wire Studios and the Rideau Canal, the influential sites are visited by a choreographed dance number that effortlessly flows to the ambiance produced by the luxurious guitar riffs and calming production structure executed by Dominique Gorley, courtesy of Sheena Rogers.

Through thought-provoking lyrical motifs and a prevalent message personified in the entirety of this soundscape, Dominique Gorley emanates what it means to be Fearless.


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