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In Attica Locks Us Into His Career With a Fresh Debut Single, "Reverie"

From South Bend, IN, to California, the rising solo artist and singer-songwriter In Attica finally releases his uplifting debut single, "Reverie."

Starting his music career back in 2006, In Attica participated in a few different groups that helped his creative talents and industry knowledge expand. After his previous group, Far From Pheonix, was offered a record contract, the band fell apart at the seams, leading In Attica to begin the venture of a solo career.

Recently releasing his debut single, "Reverie," In Attica reached out to former band-mate and good friend Bryan Kelso to co-produce and finish up the single. Introducing us to his stylings through a brilliant blend of organic piano and drums with pulsating synths and sub-bass, In Attica keeps our heart pumping with the release of this captivating single.

Diving into "Reverie," the track opens with pulsating synths that give off an exhilarating 80s feel. The introduction continues to swell with various synth arrangements, anticipating the fiery beat drop of organic and punchy drum patterns. As In Attica begins singing of the endless war with himself and struggling to find inner peace, he locks us into the single in a matter of seconds.

Something we must note about this debut single is the intricate sonic atmosphere that truly blurs the lines of various genres, exuding an uplifting and empowering feel through the powerful piano melodies, crashing drum breaks, and sweet synth arrangements. Ending the song off with boundless introspection through In Attica's honest and emotional lyricism, we're highly impressed with his lyrical depth through this debut.

Locate In Attica's debut single, "Reverie," on all digital streaming platforms, and find yourself immersed within the broad and sweltering talent that In Attica displays through this uplifting debut release.

"Reverie," will be released on all major streaming platforms on February 26.

How can we, as listeners, get to know you better through this piece?

"Reverie" is a very real look into my mind and perspective. It's a deeply personal song that reflects my journey towards self-respect and a realization that sometimes I just need to do things for myself. Not for anyone else. Not for any other reason. But do it because I want it, need it, and it will benefit my soul. Musically, the song showcases the spectrum of Alt. Rock I enjoy.

Why did you want to lead the way of your solo career with a reflective and uplifting piece like "Reverie?"

"Reverie" felt the most relevant to me and those around me. I do not typically enjoy songs with a demoralizing or negative character. We are living in a time surrounded by so much negativity and chaos... music should be our escape.

What was your creative process like when working with producer and friend Bryan Kelso for "Reverie"? Was it easy for you to create this song, seeing as the two of you share a musical history?

Songs tend to come to me at some of the most inopportune times. I have taken to humming, beat-boxing, or roughly singing the ideas out and recording them on my phone for later use. That is exactly how "Reverie" started. I couldn't get it out of my head. I recorded the skeleton of the song at my home and worked on it for a while. I eventually took it to Bryan to work on recording the vocals and shaping the track. Bryan and I always work magically together. I swear he can read my mind most of the time... but "Reverie" was certainly a unique and new challenge for us. We had never worked together on a song like this... but I actually think that is a good thing. Our "heavier" roots gave this song a different sound than I would have ever imagined and helped it stand out.

Seeing as you're fresh into your solo career, where would you say your sound lies within the terms of genres? Do you want to create a certain sound or explore different sonic approaches?

Struggling to define genre and sound seems to be the calling card of my career. I have such a wide range of appreciation and love for music that I try to pull a lot of it together when I write. I feel In Attica actually pulls from the entire spectrum of Alt Rock. From 80's bands like Modern English to mid-2000's bands like Thirty Seconds to Mars. I pull piano influence from artists like Andrew McMahon and Bruce Hornsby. But the sound would not be complete without the echoes of my Metalcore roots and the acknowledgment of my guilty pleasure; 80's electronic pop and rock music.

What can we expect to see next from you?

This year, In Attica, will release a full-length album. I expect to release this by end of Summer. Between now and then, I will release 1 more single. This year should also see a music video and plenty of mixed media support across social media and worldwide. I want listeners and fans to get to know me through In Attica and perhaps even enjoy watching this project grow and develop.




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