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In the Shallows Are Bursting With Heartfelt Croons in "There You Are"

When Welsh singer-songwriter Danni Parsons found harmonic delight in the raw vocals of Kiwi rock, and roller Lance Shepherd found herself stuck between a rock and a folk place, they had no other choice than to recruit Andrew Bain (Fur Patrol) and Nick Brown (Eb & Sparrow, Vorn) to form In the Shallows.

Together they offer up an exquisitely diverse and silken sound that weaves together soaring harmonies and mesmerizing vocals and acoustic guitars with relatable lyrics about intricate tales of love, loss, connection, redemption, and empowerment.

Touring us through an enchantingly rich atmosphere that plays into the traditional essence of folk styling, we have In the Shallows professing a performance of a lifetime in "There You Are." As we dip into the optimism shed in a piece so joyful with the hues emitted, the rhythmic quintessence draws us towards the musical arrangements in a thoughtful manner.

Delicate timbres harmonize in unison as the compelling rush of intoxication sends you into a whirlwind of opulent moments throughout "There You Are." Each word seamlessly finds a way of embedding itself into your heart as you embed the soul shed into your headspace for safekeeping.

Delving into the rustic embrace of the upbeat yet tantalizing acoustic guitar strums are solidified in the prominent percussion patterns that allow feelings of nostalgia and love to surface. Although In the Shallows can tend to get lost in a mesmerizing wave of diverse hues, this time around, we feel the elements of traditional notions take the forefront as we clasp onto what is deemed familiar to us.

The robust substance of In the Shallows nuzzles itself into your ears as you breathe in the dominant impact they have. "There You Are" is a song that dips into a feathery realm of jaunty mesmerization, and In the Shallows is sure to deliver without disappointment.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, In the Shallows! The beauty that resides in "There You Are" touches our hearts and soul in an impactful manner. What moment or story inspired the creation of this particular record?

Danni: Many moments! I used to travel a lot before having my daughter, and whenever something got boring or wasn't working, I just packed my bags and moved on. Once you have a family though, taking that approach isn't quite so easy! In the end, I learned that by not being able to escape, I had to face a lot of the things that I had been running from or had always created diversions from in order to avoid dealing with whatever it was that wasn't working and that actually we can find the peace we're searching for in each moment if we choose to.

How did each band member contribute to the ultimate vision of "There You Are?" Does this tend to be the formula often visited when creating?

The song was initially written and arranged by Danni on guitar then rehearsed with guitar drums and bass. Lance, Nick, and Andy were given complete artistic freedom to write their parts around the core of the song, which they do so well together. This has generally been how the latest batch of new singles have been realized, as giving that creative control to the group as a whole lets the magic happen organically.

In your own words, what does "There You Are" mean to you? What do you hope your audience can take away from it?

Danni: There You Are was inspired by a favorite quote of mine 'Wherever you go, there you are.' It's about leaning into the hard parts of being human instead of running away from them because wherever you go, those same problems or qualities will only go with you.

What's In the Shallows' mission statement?

Danni: In every way, lyrically, musically, even in how we engage with each other, it's really just about being and creating something honest and authentic.

What's next for In The Shallows?

Danni: We have more singles in the works due to be released over the course of the next 6-12 months. We did have a big tour planned for our summer here in NZ, but because of the new Covid restrictions, it made it too difficult for some festivals to go ahead, and subsequently, all the ones we were booked for (and many more!) were canceled. We are still looking at what that means for us, but we have been so busy, it might just be that we do something a bit more low-key this summer and focus more on writing more music instead, which is also really exciting!


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