In True New Age Rock Fashion, Collision Course Has Us Going Off the Rails with "Run"

High energy modern rock band, Collision Course, is known for its gritty, explosive elements of grunge and new age rock music fused together.

This Vancouver based Canadian band has made great headway in their short time together. The group of heavy Rock enthusiasts met through a series of adverts and auditions and slowly became the band we all know and love. Jeff Toledo was the first to make the cut by showcasing his fast and precise skills on the drums. TJ Platt came next, flooding the ears of his soon to be band members with his deep waves of bass. Last but not least, Brad Masciotra joined the band with guitar solos that take the listener beyond reality. This completed the vision of frontman Anton Schindler known for his growling unforgiving voice. In the short year they have been together, this catchy, throttling band isn’t slowing down until they crash, forever stuck on their Collision Course.

Dressed in edge filled guitar licks, rhythmic cadences offered up by the drums, deep bass grooves, and the boisterous personality shed on the lead vocals, “Run” has something for all Rock n Roll enthusiasts. Diving into the storytelling aspect that shines through the electric instrumentation of “Run,” we follow the depiction of a struggle that human beings everywhere are familiar with. The struggle of fighting the urge to return to something against our good nature. Whether it leaves us damaged or puts us in a state of compromise, the addiction never stops unless we fight it off.

Anton Schindler rages with angst in his vocal performance as he brings this story to life. The waves of pulsing bass that accompany the tight drum patterns through this composition leave us highly anticipating the shredding guitar solo in which we are treated. All of the band members of Collision Course exude a larger than life performance as they shine individually and as a whole unit. They all have the fight in them that will take them to what is right in the end. Whatever your vice is, everyone wants to run away and ignore the fact of what they’re doing, but with this hard-hitting record, maybe you too can get the urge to fight.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Collision Course, and congratulations on the release of “Run.” A song of this caliber stands high in the Rock n Roll realm. Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when creating “Run?"

Thank you! Yeah! It was pretty crazy actually, we were doing pre-production on another song and just really weren’t digging it but we were getting close on time for when we were about to hit the studio. So, we last minute decided to scrap the old song, and then we were stumped. So, then I whipped out this old melody I’ve had saved for about 4 years and showed the guys and everyone liked it and it went off from there. I feel it was our first fully collaborative piece where everyone really got to shine. Brad brought his awesome solo, TJ brought his heavy bass lines and Jeff brought his fun rhythm, and I guess I just kinda did my thing!

How long did this piece take you to record? What was the recording session like when bringing this vision to life?

We actually surprised our producer with how quick and precise we were! We only took four days, but it really worked out cause when you bring musicians to a studio full of awesome gear it’s like kids on a playground. So, I find that we really all just focused on the music while having fun with it. We all really get along in real life and musically so it made it feel like it wasn’t taking any hard work!

How important is it for all of you to take real-life experiences and convey them with music?

I think it’s everything. For the most part, music is always conveyed by your emotion from dealing with real-life issues, and that’s what gives it its soul. Without that element, all you can get is some sub-par dubstep. I and the guys have had countless conversations about this and are really happy that we’re able to convey that emotion within the music

If you could pick any lyric that stands out to you the most in “Run,” what would it be?

I would say the second verse is my favorite. I tried to convey the push and pull of struggling with your own demons to the point where you find yourself knowing how it feels to be in the same moment as you were before within the struggle.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you as we enter a new year?

It’s really been how much all of our friends and fans have supported us. Without them, I don’t think we would be where we are today and we’re super grateful for it. Hopefully, we can repay them with our upcoming single and music video for our next song “Crawl” We’re hoping to release it on February 5th and to release the music video on February 19th!