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InAVeeCoop Has Us Submerged In Emotion With, "You Are The One"

The Atlanta-based Artist InAVeeCoop is basking in the fresh stylings of modern Hip-Hop and R&B. InAVeeCoop’s raw talent shines through her modern and sensual tunes.

Taking the words of faith, hope, and love into the music she carefully crafts, it is no wonder why InAVeeCoop creates emotionally charged music showered in luxurious desire. Allowing her audience to feel every inch of their fluid emotions and to be able to connect with them on an intimate level with her warm and modern tunes.

InAVeeCoop’s latest charismatic single, “You Are The One,” stays true to the spirited approach she takes with her, day in and day out.

The captivating manner in which the instrumentation washes over you has you immediately anticipating the elements next to come in the production of “You Are The One.” InAVeeCoop provides a soul fueled performance of reverberated vocals singing the lush lyrical content that immerses you into an ambiance of sonic delicacy.

As you get lost in the music, your mind has you zoning into the words that InAVeeCoop passionately displays. Expressing the cold hard facts that it takes two to tango, words of hurt are uttered as InAVeeCoop releases her emotions on this auditory canvas.

Encouraging us to relate to the music on a personal level, we are fully tapped into a medley of sentiments that have us relating to, “You Are The One,” on a personal level. As the speakers continue to pulsate with the laidback tones transmitted through the tantalizing bassline in the composition, we sink into our seats as we take in the vulnerability that InAVeeCoop leaves out in the open for all to hear.

Exposing that side of her as we learn more about the artist and individual behind the microphone, InAVeeCoop offers up full transparency in an effortless fashion.

Hello InAVeeCoop and welcome to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on the release of “You Are The One.” Diving into the deeper meaning behind the lyrics; what inspired you to write this track?

Thank you for having me. I wrote this track by coming to the realization of how I’m just as important as anyone else. It has taken me a very long time to realize that, however; I’ve learned that it has been an obstacle through the past 3 generations of my family. We get so caught up in fully believing in others that we forget to fully believe in ourselves first. So, when it came time to create the visual, the first thing I thought about was sitting down with all 3 of my mothers in hopes of putting that behind us and the generations after. Also, I hope that I was able to get a message across to the kids to encourage them they have the ability to do anything once they know who “the one” truly is.

What did the creative flow look like when you were fashioning “You Are The One?"

All I knew is that I wanted to create and I had a few beats in my catalog from King Blitz. I had been on a hiatus from music for at least a year or two. Before I left home, my daughter, K’Lynn, was telling me she wanted me to write a song about her. She’s actually the one who encouraged me to start the song with “Um, yea.” I never planned on writing a song like that but it just came out on my way to the studio and the rest came once I started recording. It ended up being a message for her that I hope she can always turn to if need be. It was also a way for me to release and leave the past in the past so that I could move forward freely.

How do you allow your musical inspirations of Monica, T.I., and Young Thug, speak into the music that you create?

When it comes to Monica, I think to myself “Be authentic.” I just believe her to be an extremely honest and talented individual. My goal is to write a song for her someday. I’ve always been a fan of T.I. since his debut album I’m Serious. I loved his flow. When I started rapping I used to rap like him with the goal of being Queen of The South. He has an attractive flavor about him when it comes to him and then he’s grand at so many things. He reminds me I don’t have to limit myself. I grew up with Young Thug during my elementary years. He & his sister Hi Doraah have always been so kind to me. They’re like family. They both remind me to be bold and unapologetic and that anything is possible.

What is your favorite part about creating music?

My favorite part of creating music is recording. It’s so much fun. It’s like drawing or painting a picture. You get to decide whether you want to stay in the lines or go outside of them. Either way, you're bound to catch somebody's attention.

What can listeners anticipate to hear from you in the new year?

I’m working on one thing at a time for now so definitely be on the lookout for another song. I’m also looking into filming a freestyle I’m super excited about. Stay tuned and run the numbers up on my new record InAVeeCoop - You Are The One on all platforms. The visual is out everywhere also.



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