Independent Hip-Hop Artist Kadiin Is Making Waves With His Latest “Takeover”

Independent Hip-Hop Artist Kadiin Is Making Waves With His Latest “Takeover”

Self-made and rising to the top, Kadiin has been making noise out of Vancouver, Canada since he was 13 years old. His refreshing hip-hop sound is making waves in the music scene. With previous releases like “Move”, “FYT”, “Strap Up” and “Ride”, Kadiin is a force to be reckoned with. Fresh off the release of his newest single “Takeover” and we;re already craving more from Kadiin.

“Takeover” is a hard-hitting Hip-hop track with undertones of R&B and soul. Kadiin’s artistry shines through in this retrospective look at his plan and come up. Kadiin’s upbeat flow and flawless, witty, bars make this track unparalleled in today’s hip-hop scene. “Takeover” is a track that anyone can listen to and vibe to. Getting a message across, effortlessly reciting perfect lyrics, and finding/creating beats to match is Kadiin’s specialty. The production quality and artistry is professional and finely-calibrated. This single will propel Kadiin’s career to new heights and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next.

Listen to “Takeover” here and keep scrolling for Kadiin’s interview with the BuzzMusic team!

Hey Kadiin! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers and telling us how you got started making music?

My name is Kadiin , i'm a native of Nigeria but i live in Vancouver , Canada. I started making music in high school. I wrote my first song to impress a girl and i think it worked, lol . After that, i figured i'm good at making music and i stuck with it ever since.

Who are you top three musical influences? Why?

My three musical influences are Chris Brown, Drake and Burna Boy. Chris because of his consistency at making good music and i love his voice, Drake because he is a hit maker and Burna boy because of his creativity.

We love your track “Takeover”! What inspired this track?

I made a song i didn't quite like and i knew i could do better, so i got into the studio again and the rest was history. 

What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

Whatever price you set your eyes on , whatever target you want to hit , just go for it and take over.

What’s next for you Kadiin?

The music video for "Take Over" is coming out soon and i'm dropping another dope single right after that. Stay tuned!


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