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Indiana Bones Spearheads A Double Release Worth Tuning Into

Blues and folk musician Indiana Bones hails from Australia's gold coast with a sound akin to Seasick Steve, Tom Waits, and The Black Keys.

Once described by Classic Rock Mag as a 'dusty Aussie, banging out homicidal blues rock,' he's recently armed himself with his resonator guitar. Joining trails with production architect and drummer George Carpenter and Dale Walker - virtuoso guitarist for Megaritual- this team spearheads tracking his latest double release.

Kicking things off with a follow-up to his earlier cover of Tom Waits' timeless record "Goin' Out West," Indiana Blues returns with "Goin' Out West (One More Time)."

A resonant chamber of reverberations lingers as Indiana Bones performs with a gusto that drives into your soul. Through the progressive finesse he attaches to his musicianship, the mind-altering nuances speak wonders throughout this record.

Indiana Bones has us floored with a nostalgic grit and a mesmerizing tenacity that runs rampant in the course of the classic melodies performed. The sustain in each guitar strum and distressed percussion patterns emanate an obscure atmosphere that goes splendidly alongside his haunting vocal performance.

Using an impeccable blend of time and space to accentuate the psychedelic hues conveyed, Indian Bones knows how to create a classic forcefield custom to his ruminating contribution to highway rock n roll sprinkled in blues.

Across the spectrum of his expansive stylings, this double release means we get even more of Indiana Bones. From blues/rock to a more traditional folk ballad, "Wait For Me" has us leaping into a salutary charter that gently pulls apart pieces of our hearts.

Dazzling with snare rolls and elusive guitar plucks, the minimalistic approach to the instrumentation allows us to feast on the passion instilled into Indian Bones' unalloyed lyrical motifs.

With its tantalizing timbres, this sonic expression is a message to a loved one that has Indiana Bones cunningly testing the waters in the event of his incarceration. Yet, it's hard not to deny him of his request when the melodies seep into your soul with their captivating grasp.

Knowing that Indiana Bones wears the many hats he does, it's no surprise that his double release grandly touches on his artistic virtuoso. So, with something for everyone to enjoy, make sure you don't miss out on "Goin' Out West (One More Time)" and "Wait For Me."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Indiana Bones! This double release truly has us basking in the best of your artistry. We're thrilled to have you chatting with us about it! Could you please take us into the inspiration behind the concept of these two songs released?

G'day Buzz, thank you for having me! This year has been a struggle for me in some ways, dealing with depression and fatigue, which is what lead me to write both of my new songs.

The first, Goin' Out West (One More Time) is a follow-up to the cover I released last year of Tom Waits' 'Goin' Out West,' and so the sound was inspired by that, and all of the other southern blues rock songs before and after; Seasick Steve, R.L. Burnside, The Black Keys. The song is about driving in an empty tank, pushing yourself when you think you have nothing left.

Wait For Me is more of a lament in the form of a letter to a loved one, pleading for their patience during my incarceration. Despite the aforementioned struggles, I am still lucky in so many ways, one being love, and so I suppose I was just reminding my wife that I will still love her, no matter what happens. I would never ask her to wait for me if I went away. Maybe for an overnighter.

The sounds produced in each song are brilliant as they reach our speakers. So what was it like working with George Carpenter and Dale Walker to execute this latest installment?

Working with George as a Producer was a different experience for me. Firstly because he is both a talented instrumentalist/Producer for some amazing artists in the blues/folk genres here in Queensland; Karl S Williams and Little Georgia. I gave him a larger allowance for creative input and the result is this rich, layered, controlled chaos that churns through each of the tracks.

We recruited Dale for help with the acoustic guitar layers on the tracks, who is an incredibly talented musician and so easy to work with. We recorded the guitars live together for the songs, with Goerge on my homemade suitcase drum, and the energy and vibe were amazing. You can hear it in the songs.

What has your experience been with a double release? Do you find this benefits you more as an artist, or is this done because you choose to operate this way?

I originally came to Goerge with three songs I was working on, and the two you hear stood out to him as being almost like two sides of the same coin, so we decided to work on those two together as a double-release. It was really rewarding because storytelling has always been my favorite part of making music, and we got to really build out that world.

What main messages would you like your audience to grasp from each song?

Don't give up. There's always something to keep goin' for. Like love. If you're low on that, just keep creating. Create your own beauty, write your story.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in 2022?

Apart from releasing some music, I've also been working on writing some films, so I'm excited about those. And hey, I'm here, I'm working hard, and I'm happy to say that I'm feeling pretty damn good. You're gonna be hearing a lot more from me. Thanks :)


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