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Indie Discovery: Check Out Lankford’s Song "Melt"

Indie singer-songwriter and composer Matt Davis otherwise known by his stage and

recording name, “Lankford” released his first single, “Melt” in October of 2018.

The listener is introduced to a lovely and beautiful folk guitar instrumental as the music video begins. We are greeted with a monotone music video which is perfectly complemented with the

sweet and subtle tones of acoustic guitars and reverb. The song itself is very calming and is reminiscent to a stripped down version Of Monsters and Men and Bon Iver. The tempo is kept by what seems to be shakers and maybe a tambourine, which adds to the depth of the song. A lot of imagery is used in the music video itself, which displays a high production quality especially with the neat effects of large shadows that seem to be taunting the woman that is dancing. Lankford’s vocals are dreamy and makes the listener more intrigued by the second. The tone quality of the track is very nostalgic in a way and gives off a very longing kind of vibe. This is a very beautiful song and is well rounded in all verses and aspects. If you love indie music, this will be your new bop to have on repeat!

Be sure to listen and add "Melt" to your favorite playlists!

Why do you think you gravitated toward an indie genre of music?

I think I gravitate towards the indie genre on accident. As a songwriter I wanted the freedom of self expression without the expectation of creating a specific genre like rock or pop. When I wrote “Melt” I was asked, “what genre of music is it?” I didn’t really know. Did some searching for artists with similar styles, and the indie genre just stuck. 

How would you describe your songwriting process? (i.e. do you have a concept in mind, write lyrics before melody etc).

Songwriting to me is like communicating. I get a certain emotion about an event in life. Sometimes its fresh and I'm in the moment, sometimes I've been holding on to it for a while. I will just start putting my brush to the canvas and the picture comes to me, like I'm finally ready to let the world know how I really feel. Its liberating. Sometimes I hum gibberish until words just form. Like I'm letting go of what was always there. 

Where does your stage name Lankford come from?

The name Lankford. Well growing up, I always thought my step dad was my father. Wasn't until I was in my teens that I found out my parents split when I was just a couple years old. After reconnecting with my father I found out our biological last name was Lankford. I decided to go by that, and honor my father as a way of forgiving him, and to symbolize reuniting with a part of my identity. My history.

What is one thing that you think your listeners should take from your song , “Melt”?

I hope my listeners get a sense of encouragement. 

That they can speak up about any negative self image, doubt, depression, or whatever it may be that is keeping them from their own perception of a happy life. I hope they know that they are not alone. And that they cherish those who stand and love us when we are down. 

What is your favorite lyric of , “Melt” and why?

My favorite line is probably the chorus. “Can’t keep this all together, will you love me till I'm better”

Because it sort of ties the whole idea of the song together. We all need someone, especially when we believe the worst in ourselves.

What inspired you to write “Melt”?

I have struggled with self doubt and depression pretty much my whole life. I've really seen what it can do to those who give in. “Melt” was a moment where I was thinking about some family members, how I wish I could have been there for them. Its sort of what everyone's afraid to say, fearing they will look weak. 

I wanted to break that barrier down. 

What's planned for Lankford this year?

This year is a big year for Lankford. My first Single “Melt” is gaining momentum. Lankford will continue to produce new singles, leading up to a full album. Meanwhile we have a partnered project with a European brand that will be a surprise hopefully releasing very very soon. This is just the beginning.  


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