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Indie-Pop Duo Electric Tongues Give Us Chill Vibes With “Finsta”

Finally, an indie-pop duo that we didn’t ask for, but absolutely needed. Phillip James

and Maxwell Ogden, known as Electric Tongues, is the perfect duo straight from Dallas, Texas. The two incorporate and intertwine their abstract ideas effortlessly within their tracks, making us feel intimately connected with their ideologies. As a fairly new duo, Electric Tongues have impressively released two EP’s that are on regular rotation on Dallas Radio. This duo creates a combination of intensifying yet equable music we quite haven’t heard before—but now it’s impossible to forget. Electric Tongues really got it right with their recent release of “Finsta”. This new track provides an experience that begins with electrifying synths combined with compelling vocals spread out over perfectly blended harmonies. “Finsta” maintains its serene vibe throughout, which is our favorite aspect of the song and how it captivates you through its entirety. The irony in their name becomes relevant when listening to this new track—the electrifying vibe courses through your body. Although Electric Tongues is a fairly new duo, they’re going to be around for awhile—we’ll make sure of it.

Check out Electric Tongues “Finsta” here.

Hey there, introduce yourselves—how did you become a duo?

Maxwell: My girl, Alyssa, introduced us. Her friend Juvy was friends with Phil so we kinda all just hung out. I knew he made music but what I really needed was a singer. I asked if he sang and he said yeah and sent me a clip. We immediately got to work.

Phillip: Max and I were introduced not too long after my last band split, so I wasn’t feeling super optimistic about my career in music at the time. As soon as I heard Max’s solo work, I knew he was the one I needed to create with. Our track “Favorite Haunt” was pretty much complete after only two sessions together. The energy we have together is definitely unlike anything I’ve experienced before.

What was essential in the curation of "Finsta”?

Phillip: I’ve always wanted to write something about how signs of depression, addiction, or overall hopelessness often slip through otherwise picture-perfect lives via Instagram posts. People are sad out there, but can’t seem to say it, unless it’s a caption attached to some edgy shit.

Maxwell: To me, “Finsta” is a sort of theme song of a generation. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, I think it’s something that everyone can relate to.

Did your visions ever clash while creating “Finsta"?

Maxwell: Not really, to be honest. The only thing that comes to mind was Phil initially wanted a different lead guitar on the chorus, but I wanted to keep it simple.

Phillip:  As Max mentioned, the only thing we really “clashed” over was that lead guitar line. We ended up moving that line to clear some real estate for the other instruments in the track.

What are Electric Tongues goals for 2019?

Maxwell: We have an EP planned, a video, a few other things... we hope to grow our following and build our name.

Where do you see Electric Tongues in 5 years from now?

Phillip: We’re really just enjoying the ride. There is no limit. I just want as many people to hear us as possible.


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