Indie Rock Band Couch Surf Releases Their Relaxing Record "Washed Out"

Couch Surf. The name of this band can give a lot away with the name and the overall aura they provide to their listeners. Couch Surf is a three-piece indie/rock band that gives it their all within their music, and yet comes off as if the music effortlessly flows. We love the retro-feel we get with the bands music, and we know all of your alternative indie/rock listeners will be hooked on their recent music. Couch Surf resides in one of our favorite places: San Francisco, CA. Their music is created for a place like this, for the California vibe we all love and appreciate. The most elemental aspect of their music is how personal and honest it feels while listening. Nothing fabricated--just three guys expressing their musical talent. We love it, we're here for it all the way, and we're honestly wanting more from these guys (seriously, we want them to be releasing new music right now)! 

You can already guess we're grooving along to "Washed Out" and its melancholic feel. Couch Surf creates a full-body experience with their music. You feel serene and tranquil while listening to "Washed Out", however it still is able to fully capture the care-free and nonchalant vibe that's frequently drawn from indie/rock pieces. "Washed Out" attracts your attention immediately with the underlying tempo and rhythm that the band curates together---the band is able to produce this relaxed environment that is incredibly necessary for a track like this, and isn't easy to manifest either. However, Couch Surf exemplifies their musical abilities throughout the track, and prove that their sounds blend beautifully together. Now, how do you take the composed vibe presented in "Washed Out" and film a video that can express the emotion without flaw? Well, the exact music video of "Washed Out" by Couch Surf is the perfect example of how to do exactly that. As we want all music videos to be unique, we emphasize that element of Couch Surf's new music video for "Washed Out"---unique and witty is what we call their video. You can't help but fall in love with this three-piece indie/rock band, they're fun and eccentric (exactly what we need from such a band). 

Check out "Washed Out" here, and watch the music video below!

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Hey there Couch Surf! Can each of you introduce yourselves to our readers?

Taylor: Guitar/vocals 

Bailey: drums 

Michael: bass/ vocals 

What was the theme behind your recent release "Washed Out"? What motivated you guys to write this record?

Taylor: I wrote this song about 6 months ago when I was living alone in LA. It’s essentially my goodbye to a city I never felt at home in. Now I’m back in the Bay Area turning my solo project into a full band. 

Explain to us how the creative process flows with you guys? Ever clash with ideas, and if so, how do you get around that?

Taylor: Generally I write out the entire song on my laptop including drum and bass parts, then see what the guys think and adjust the song from there. We rarely clash with ideas because the band is so new and we’re just working together to find a vibe we can all get behind. 

How does the music you curate as a band now compare to the music you curated when you first started out, in each of your opinions?

Taylor: Since Couch Surf used to be a solo project, it’s night and day. The songs are fuller and gave much more personality and meaning to them. It used to be strictly a surf rock group but we’re adjusting to other styles like jazz, R&B and rock. 

Do you have any upcoming shows or releases we can get ready to be excited about?!

We just released our debut single/music video for ‘Washed Out’ currently booking shows as we speak! 


Be sure to stay updated with Couch Surf via their Instagram for upcoming shows!