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Indie Rock Band Subways On The Sun Release New Single “Hope You Like Getting Old"

Subways On The Sun formed in Seattle Washington, the band projects their indie alternative rock sound across the country. “Hope You Like Getting Old” is a melodic and intricate single I enjoyed from beginning to end. The introduction of the song begins with the atmospheric guitar strings creating an ethereal vibe. “Hope You Like Getting Old” has this nomadic energy where you’re left with curiosity yet you’re longing for more. My favorite part about this song was the songs hook, “And all the lights are coming down on us” was so catchy and contagious that I instantly begin singing along. It has this eerie, yet chillingly beautiful feel to it that had me completely addicted. This song doesn’t necessarily create a depressing mood however, it encourages you to absorb the elements surrounded by the single. You get attuned with your emotions and you’re able to reflect on any momentary life situation you may have faced or may have been facing. It has a subtle low key feel, fused with delightful energy and that makes“Hope You Like Getting Old” a very special song to check out!

Check out Subway On The Sun's new song "Hope You Like Getting Old". Check out our exclusive BuzzMusic interview with Erick about their new music and what we can expect from the band in 2019!

Hi there, care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hi everyone! This is Erick from Subways on the Sun. We are an indie rock band from Seattle and recently released our second album called "Capsize" through Spartan Records.

How did you come up with your band name “Subways On The Sun” any meaning behind it?

The name popped into my head one day years ago as we were starting to work on the first songs for this band. I've always been really interested in modes of transportation like trains and subways and love using them while traveling. Some of us in the band also have an interest in astronomy and space travel, so this idea of there being a subway system through the sun was fun imagery for us, and somehow seemed to fit with what we were doing. Ultimately, you just pick a band name and go with it!

As a band, do you all share the same taste and interests in music? Or does any of you have any genres you individually enjoy separate from your band?

We definitely share a lot of the same musical interests, which makes it easy to write together and reference bands or songs we like as we come up with ideas. A couple of us in the band are also pretty into metal and hard industrial music which you would never know from listening to our music, but you never know what influences might creep into our sound down the road! 

How did you guys meet?

All of us in the band have been friends for a long time, and either played together in previous bands or shared the stage in separate bands over the years. For all of us, it's important to be making music with friends, and in a lot of ways it has ended up feeling like we are a family. I hope that never goes away. First and foremost, we are in this band to create music with our friends and collaborate on something we are proud of.

What was the anticipation like creating music in subsequent to your previous releases?

You hear bands talk a lot about the fear and trepidation that goes into creating a second album. For us, we just kept writing songs that we liked and then of course hoped that people would be just as into those songs as they were for our first album. We feel like we created something with "Capsize" that shows our growth as musicians and reflects where we are now in our lives, and so in that sense we were quite excited for it to be released and get into people's hands. I think we are always most excited with what we are doing at the moment, and being lucky enough to even make a second album was huge for us. Also for this record we were fortunate enough to get picked up by Spartan Records, and their team did an amazing job setting up this release and getting people interested. 

What’s your artist interpretation of the single “Hope You Like Getting Old”?

Well, all of us in the band have kids and so the song started as sort of tongue in cheek nod to getting older. The "waking up on the floor" line came from a real event. My daughter who was very young at the time was supposed to be taking a nap, but was struggling with it. I stayed in her room to calm her down and all of a sudden I woke up an hour later myself, laying on her floor. We had both fallen asleep. My back hurt and I laughed to myself and the "hope you like getting old" line came to be. There is a more serious side to the song as well, in that we can all relate to the passage of time and getting older, and thinking about what has come before us and how the world will be when we're gone.

What can we expect from Subways On The Sun this year?

We are still doing our best to promote the new album with shows, and since we are having so much fun playing these songs live that will likely be the focus this year. We've also written quite a bit of new material lately and have a goal to get back into the studio to flesh those songs out. It's possible you'll hear some new music this year if we're able to pull it off. More than anything, we are thankful to keep doing what we love in whatever capacity we're able.


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