Indite Teams Up With Maddisun To Release The Eye-Opening “Vision”

Indite is a positive impact hip-hop artist with roots spanning across the Kootenays. He uses his musical platform to share his life and lessons as a husband, father and outdoor enthusiast. Indite has grown his platform and solidified his style through social media verse videos where he speaks on current events and things that he feels are important to shed light on. With six years of sobriety under his belt he continues to be open with his stories from the past while working to have a positive impact on the future. He is set to release his newest EP “Ghost Town Roads” early September 2019. Indite continues to use his music to bring people together, make new connections and break down barriers. 

“Vision” Ft. Maddisun (another BuzzMusic favorite), is the latest track we’re bumping through the office. Indite pours his absolute truth into the process, making a genuine performance out of the whole thing. There’s a quickly memorable and gorgeously ambient soundscape and song running alongside of it. That beat and that hook stay with you long after listening, that groove and that sense of positivity and optimism is powerful. In between these moments, contrast works its magic with Maddisun’s sultry vocals fuses with Indite’s hard hitting bars. “Vision” gets inescapably real, letting turmoil and desperation collide and collaborate to offer up something incredibly raw and seemingly unedited. It’s captivating, and that hook section resolves beautifully. Not only is the song brilliantly put together, it’s fascinating, it sees Indite open up from the offset and be fully himself. The song’s concept is represented flawlessly in everything from the lyrics to the general mood it gifts the listener. I’m excited to hear where else the music takes Indite in the coming months and years.

Listen to “Vision” Ft. Maddisun here and read more with Indite below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you get started making music? How old were you?

I started writing hiphop when I was 14. It started out with poetry and the fascination for piecing together rhyming words. Not long after I started exploring placing these writing on beats and freestyling.

What makes you so passionate about music? 

Music has always been a way for me to process things I am going through. Whether I am writing my own or relating to other artists songs. There really is an artists or genre for every mood. If you think of some of the most pivotal points in your life I bet there are songs that can take you back there, or tracks that helped you through. For me, it's about writing to process struggle or celebrate triumphs and share it because I know I'm not the only one.

Can you tell us more about your track “Vision”? What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

Vision is exactly that, the vision I have while creating music. This tracks is about breaking boundaries down, coming together, working with one another to create something amazing. We are all so easily accessible now through social media and whatnot, this is a reminder to find people on the same wave and have a positive impact. Use the tools you have to spread your messages and help pick people up.

What was it like collaborating with Maddisun?

First off, I gotta give all the credit to my amazing Wife for making this connection. She mentioned the two of us should combine forces on a track. I feel like for both of us the pieces of this track came together extremely easy. When I got the beat from Radin at brmusic I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. And I feel like when I sent my pieces to Maddisun she felt the same. This was a dope case of every artists feeding off what the artist before them created and adding a piece of their own style.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned through music so far?

For me, it took a long time to find my style, my niche, myself as an artist. As I imagine it does for a lot of artists starting out. We all integrate pieces and styles of things that influence us from other artists we listen to. When I was in middle school, I wrote very DMX-ish haha. So I think the biggest thing I learned is to put your time in, find your sound. Trust me, you will know when you do. Once you do, everything else seems to fall in place. When you create from the most authentic place in yourself you make connections with people that are authentic as well. Shout out the homie MCBC, I met one of my favourite people in the world through this.

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