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Indulge in the Emotions Behind SoloT Chase The Bag's Music Video for "Mean Mug"

Emerging Hip-hop artist SoloT Chase The Bag is known for the emotion he transfers into his music. Connecting to his fan base through themes of pain, anger, and frustration, He is looking to share his story with the world.

Returning with fresh, new visuals to accompany his most recent single, “Mean Mug,” SoloT Chase The Bag delves into a series of conscious rhymes which are backed by the intricately filmed music video. Taking a slow tempo track, and turning it into lyrical gold, we have SoloT Chase The Bag offering his listeners a deeper look into the life that he lives as both an individual and artist.

Taking this vulnerable approach to the musicality in “Mean Mug,” we truly get to take in the impact of the images that flash between scenes of this masterpiece. The filmic component takes us on a tour through a tented area where less fortunate people reside amongst others that share the same lack of privilege, as we follow SoloT Chase The Bag handing out money to these individuals in need, we pick up on the giving essence that comes to him as second nature.

Proceeding to show us how he lives, his crew, and a whole lot of money, the cinematic approach to “Mean Mug,” is a direct representation of how SoloT Chase The Bag can get his audience to relate with him on a firsthand basis, by tugging on our heartstrings and encouraging us to grasp onto this vulnerable sector of his artistry. Doing so, one creative concept at a time, we admire the originality that SoloT Chase The Bag continues to provide us with.

Hello SoloT Chase the Bag, welcome to BuzzMusic. The visuals for “Mean Mug,” most definitely made us tap into our inner emotions. Job extremely well done! Do you find it difficult to allow yourself to get vulnerable when you create music?

I don’t get vulnerable when creating music.

In your own words, what does “Mean Mug” mean to you as the creator? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from it?

"Mean Mug" means to me that, I don’t like the old me, so I’m changing to a better person while not letting no one get into my head while trying to make changes to my community. I’m hoping the audience understands that I’ve had difficult situations, like having to spend money when I didn’t even have it or knowing if I would get it back.

What was the experience of filming “Mean Mug” like for you? With an array of scenes throughout the video, how long did it take for you to film?

The experience was just different. I went to the homeless and we asked if we could shoot there and we would pay them to be in there because my pops said if I’m spending money like in my song why not give to the less fortunate people, that was a good idea. It took us about 2hrs to make this film.

If your audience could know anything about you that they may not already, what would you want it to be?

I’m a laid-back guy who wants to learn more about the music industry. I watch a lot of interviews to see what others have done since being in the rap game. Also, I love making music, it wasn’t my passion at first, but 2 years ago it chose me, so I’ve pursued it ever since. I also want to let the audience know if you become a fan of my music, just know, this is only the beginning.


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