Indulge in the New Single “Get Loose” by Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist Cayleb Hill

Introducing relaxed tones, with interesting lyricism is Cayleb Hill from Holland, MI. Having an interest in music from a young age, he quickly gained skills in piano and drums. However, it wasn’t until high school when he realized he could combine his two talents to create hip-hop music. Now armed with his new musical mixture and lyrics, he has been writing albums, singles, and mixtapes ever since. Cayleb Hill has been working hard and we're excited to announce the release of his new song “Get Loose”.

“Get Loose”, begins with an enticing marimba sound. It gives off this energy of being cool, yet calming at the same time. Listeners are then introduced to a flute. Interestingly enough, flutes usually give off soft and airy sounds, however in “Get Loose” it sounds rather cool, and even a little dark. Quickly after, a hard drum beat comes in where the kick is very prominent and snappy. “Get Loose” has a cool combination of fusing mellow and dark sounds. Cayleb Hill comes in with his impressive rap style. He has a stand out voice, but he also lets the beat and instrumental shine. He has great wordplay and cool metaphors dealing with chilling out. “Get Loose” has a cool combination of incorporating conflicting sounds, and using instruments in new ways.

Listen to "Get Loose" here.

Hey Cayleb! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we love your new single “Get Loose”. What inspired you to create "Get Loose"?

Well, the first verse hit me all at once smoking alone in my car. Then I made a smooth beat that the verse would sound nice on the next morning. Then came the hook and second verse. As far as content I love basketball and always have so just my life, in general, inspired it all.

With having a lot of talent in piano and drum abilities, do you see yourself producing a lot of your beats, if not all of your songs? Do you ever use other producers' beats?

I think I will produce the majority of my own beats because it makes music that much more fun for me and also I'm the only one who knows exactly what I need for each song. As an MC I could never completely use just my beats though. Sometimes I hear a beat and it's undeniable. I literally feel a need to rap over it. So yes I do still use other beats here and there. Check out my "All get right" or "So Gone" remix. I will never stop using other artist's beats.

With having a lot of different album releases and mixtapes, do you see growth in every project? Or do you ever wish you could go back to an older style you use to create?

I just amaze myself with my ability to evolve with the world. Nothing is forced, yet at the same time, I try to constantly change flows and content. Only because that's what I like to do I don't like to stay the same.

With the new year quickly moving by, do you have plans of creating a new album, or plan to collaborate with another artist?

I will definitely be dropping more than one project this year. "Me on the Beat 2" along with my r&b EP "61 Summers". I've been holding back on the A-word while I build up my fanbase independently. That way when I am ready there will be substantial demand. I definitely have a title and concept planned already. You can expect collaborations from Juancho and Jon Lach for sure. Maybe more.