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Indulge In Tonne Desai’s, “Feelings”

Independent singer-songwriter Tonne Desai lives in Nashville, also known as NashVEGAS. Studying music in school at Fisk University, it was in college that he was accepted into the now Grammy award-winning Fisk Jubilee Singers, where he toured and performed with the group for three years.

Throwing himself into songwriting, he focused on what he wanted to write and what he wanted to tell the world. Writing in many genres, pop music speaks to Tonne Desai. With a passion for becoming an artist that anyone can relate to and connect with, Tonne Desai wants to share stories through his gift of music.

The electro-pop scope of his latest single, "Feelings," tugs at our heartstrings and leaves us feeling abundant with thoughts and emotions conjured up. The wide vocal range of Tonne Desai is conveyed in such a saturated fashion. His heartfelt words glide into the speakers as they cascade upon the instrumentation and become one with the vulnerable concept at hand.

With a track title like "Feelings," you can imagine that we're about to embark on a wistful conveyance of finer sentiments. As each word professed by Tonne Desai leads with passion and impact, we are welcomed into this universe that collides with the genres of R&B and Pop. The nostalgic croons are performed with an empowering stature that you couldn't imagine letting up. Through the prevalent hues emanated, we admire the desire that has gone into a track of this caliber. Each note in the instrumentation scoops us up and delivers us to exactly where we need to be.

"Feelings" does wonder to our soul, and that's how you know it's a record that hits. Tonne Desai is an up-and-comer that you won't want to sleep on. So, set your alarms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tonne Desai! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Feelings." In your own words, what is this song about?

Thank you so much, and yes, "Feelings" are about still loving someone and having all those emotions, nerves, and "feelings" when you see them, but they have moved on with someone else, and you're wondering inside should you tell them or not.

What struck up the vulnerable inspiration for its creation? Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process?

Honestly, I heard the beat, and I was like, oh my God, I have to write something to this beat right now. I was going through my songbook, and I saw the word Feelings, and at that moment, I got a notification from Instagram, and I opened it, and it was a picture of the very person that I never quite got over, and they were with their new person. From there, it all started pouring out of me. The hook was first, and then I went to the verses, trying to pour out how I felt in a meaningful way. I sang it for a friend, and they were like, "this is the one."A Few months later, I recorded it, and now it's out!

How does "Feelings" compare to other songs heard in your music catalog?

It's my first Pop Ballad. I've written some in the past, but they didn't feel right or truly authentic. All the music I put out, I want it to be authentic; even if it's a pop record or a dance record, I'm always authentic with the writing. So with "Feelings," it just felt purely authentic and like something not only I needed but others in the world needed. We fight our feelings a lot, I feel, and we push them away, allowing love to get away; this song felt like it was not only a reminder of a love you had, but it also acts as a wake-up call to go tell someone how you feel before it's too late.

What main message would you like your audience to take away from this song?

Don't just fight your feelings and keep them bottled in. Tell that person, pour into that person. Also, it's ok to remember a love that got away or didn't work out. You may still have those feelings. If that person is still a part of your life, I know how hard it can be, but I hope this song gives those people an outlet to just live in those feelings because they are real.

What's next for you?

Well, I hope this song is what many are telling me it is, which is that "It's the one." I really wanna get the song out to the world and all of my music, really. Im definitely ready to show the world who tonne is, who I am as an artist. I definitely gotta be putting out more music and reaching out to a new fan base; I hope that connects with me and my music. I am so ready for this journey; it's something I've dreamed of for so so long, and I think this song might be that key to the door of so many dreams. I'm excited to keep going cause I'm not stopping!

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