Indulge Into A.O.C.entral C.ommand and His Track "I Apologize"

Hailing from Hamilton, New Jersey, comes Hip/Hop artist A.O.C.entral C.ommand. A.O.C.entral C.ommand is the kind of artist where you can always expect an inspirational message attached to a stimulating production. Artistically, A.O.C.entral C.ommand comes off as flavourful and colorful, which is ultimately tied in with his characterizable laidback execution. A.O.C.entral C.ommand makes the music seem easy, and his immaculate wordplay plays a huge role in that. Already making music for over a decade, A.O.C.entral C.ommand has nothing but quality and experience to deliver to the Hip/Hop and Rap community.

A.O.C.entral C.ommand released "I Apologize", the fifth track off his album 'Episode 4: Operation Blackbox'. This track houses a lot of underground energy and sounds. It's easy to get lost within the production of this track, as "I Apologize" takes on a lax persona, allowing listeners to feel a true sense of calamity. A.O.C.entral C.ommand takes on a specific kind of lyrical approach with his track, ensuring the easy flow of an integral message to his listeners. The entirety of A.O.C.entral C.ommand's album follows suit with exploring different themes present within our society today, such as racism, the education system, and politics. "I Apologize" shows an intricate side of A.O.C.entral C.ommand for sure, as it's this particular track where we feel ultimately connected to his inert ideological thoughts. "I Apologize" definitely shines a bright spotlight on some of the issues we face today, and we highly suggest that anyone looking for a thought-provoking rap album check out A.O.C.entral C.ommand's 'Episode 4: Operation Blackbox'.

Discover "I Apologize" by A.O.C.entral C.ommand here.