Inkwater Describes The Universal Struggles Of Being Alone In His New Single, “Alone Forever”

Solo Hip-Hop musician who goes by the name Inkwater will drag you through the depths of emotion in his new track “Alone Forever.”

This dark, emotional track is filled with difficult lyrics that examine the struggles individuals face. This Seattle based artist consistently releases somber, melodic tracks that focus on the struggles of depression, racism, and mental health, and his new single is no different.

“Alone Forever” creates a storyline of being left all alone, with no support system left and the anger and unrest this creates. The lyrics are able to accurately describe the struggles and the melodic beat creates a more mysterious, dark backdrop to enhance the lyrical focus. As an artist who writes, records, and entirely puts together his music and videos, the idea of being left alone is very familiar for Inkwater, and because of this, he is able to create a passionate sound where he is locked into the lyrics and melody.

For listeners like myself, this song has a strong message with some angry rap lyrics that all individuals can relate to in some form. The feeling of being alone is one shared by so many, making this song a definite upcoming hit to watch out for.

Hey! We are so excited to have you here on Buzz Music and are loving your new single “Alone Forever,” what kind of creative process went into creating this emotional piece?

Hey glad to be back. Mainly, the last year was spent grieving for a lot of people and I was no exception. Everything seemed to be going wrong, and I found myself at a place where I just didn't want to leave my bed for any reason, not even food. I'm pretty much still in that place. Everything is just insurmountably difficult right now. I figured putting that feeling into the song would resonate with my listeners.

You mentioned that your music tends to focus on the significance of depression, racism, and other mental health difficulties individuals face. Have you been influenced by these challenges yourself and has the ability to write and release music been an outlet for you to overcome some of these personal challenges?

More or less. The process will always be enjoyable regardless of who's paying attention to what I do. I'm at least glad that I find satisfaction in writing for the sake of writing. I'm also super glad not to have to rely on music for money right now. The world is falling apart and I'd absolutely hate to be stuck trying to pay bills with no ability to do meaningful work anywhere.

It’s quite amazing that you are able to write, record your song, and produce a music video all alone as a solo individual. Why would you say you did this and how has it affected your ability to create music?

To be honest, I got tired of waiting around for the right time to do things. My previous projects were mainly waiting with little execution. Maybe for fear of failure? I'm not sure why things have gone the way they have, but I've gone the deepest into music out of many of my peers. Not to mention, I always feel like an impostor when it comes to my music, so taking others out of the equation at least allows me to take all accountability for whatever happens, good or bad. It's almost easier to learn from my mistakes this way. The obvious downside is that I usually have to figure everything out myself.

Moving forward, do you think that some of your upcoming music will relate to this sound as well or does each song tell a distinct story for listeners?

Each song is different in its own way and I usually don't make two songs about the same subject unless I have a new perspective or something worthwhile to add. Still, I think it's about time to start collaborating with other producers and using beats that aren't mine. The team-ups I've done so far have really shown me that this workflow is much better than I had it when dealing with other people, and even with collaboration things tend to work out at a pace I can keep. If anything, streamlining the writing process will be the most important thing to me in the coming months.

What has been keeping you inspired?

Definitely anime and Marvel content. Mandalorian, too. I haven't seen a whole lot of good in the world whatsoever since around when I put out my debut EP if I'm being perfectly honest. But it's the small things that keep me going. Big inspirations have been depressing in their own right because of the way life has been. My favorite musicians keep dying and there's so much negativity online. If I pay too much attention to other people's egos these days, I just get frustrated with my own. So being able to create a space away from everything has been inspiring in its own right, and I'm so glad I get to be a hermit right now.