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INNER AXIS Strike Listeners With Powerful New Single, "Midnight Hunter"

Newly emerging heavy metal band INNER AXIS formed back in April of this year and already has a couple of power-driving singles out for listening ears to revel in. Producing their songs in PITCHBLACK STUDIOS,t the band enhances their sound by intertwining modern flairs with alternative aspects of their genre.

The latest INNER AXIS music release consists of their song, "Midnight Hunter," which blends together a versatile array of heavy metal subset genres. "Midnight Hunter" is your energy-boosting, virtuosic performance by INNER AXIS that sparks a range of stimulatory sensations.

INNER AXIS paired their single with a music video release, and the visuals for "Midnight Hunter" are just as striking as their delivery. With a clear narrative being unleashed onto viewers, "Midnight Hunter" follows a man seeking pleasure of some sort, which easily gets depicted within the video.

The video switches back and forth between the main storyline and visuals of the band performing "Midnight Hunter" on a glorified stage. Passion seethes from INNER AXIS with each band member contributing to the song in an impactful way. In the end, "Midnight Hunter" proved that INNER AXIS has a pretty good idea of the current trends within the heavy metal genre today.

"Midnight Hunter" is now available on major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic INNER AXIS and thank you for taking the time to chat about your recent single and music video release, "Midnight Hunter." What influenced the generation of this song? How did the band work together in order for the song to come to full fruition?

Since concerts weren’t possible, we used the time during the corona pandemic to write new songs. We recorded the new ones at PITCHBLACK STUDIOS (studio for acts like Eskimo Callboy etc) and they delivered a perfect genre sound, noticeably enhanced by new band member and guitarist Nino Helfrich (also IRON ANGEL) and Annihilator bass player Rich Gray, who contributed his skills on both new tracks. Also regarding the artwork we didn’t make any compromise by hiring specialist Jan Yrlund, who also worked for Manowar, Apocalyptica, Battle Beast, Bon Jovi, and Korpiklaani before. “Midnight Hunter” was the first single and was released with an instrumental B-side on April, 9th together with a music video. Some additional video specials were also released in the following days and weeks. “Midnight Hunter” demonstrates our capabilities to create and perform powerful, epic well as catchy songs in the spirit of classic 80s metal, which is also emphasized by the cover artwork design and visual presentation of the music video. In addition to this female bass player, Melissa Cavo is featured in the performance shots of this video.

How did the band go about choosing the visuals for the music video? Were there any hidden meanings within the song that the band was hoping listeners and/or viewers would pick up on?

We worked together with the team which made all our videos since now. Jörg Tochtenhagen and his crew from Lensflareclips did again a great job. We filmed our band stage performance as well as a story part. This was the first time we did a story-based music video. So far we have released three edits of the “Midnight Hunter”: the official one with a combination of performance and story scenes, a second with just the band performance, and the last one with only the story edit. For the performance part, we wanted to make a great stage show. The big stage setting, fireworks, light show, laser show, explosions, and even tinsel cannons. For the story part, we worked on the script together with Jörg, who filmed everything. We wanted a storyline that would fit the lyrics. Since the song is very straightforward with the music and the lyrics, it would not have fitted to put some hidden meanings there but…we gave everything a “little” twist at the end so…be sure to watch it ‘till the end. Based on the lyrics, the Midnight Hunter is on the hunt to score with anyone. The hunter can be any gender and so can the prey. The narrated excessive search for lust is also meant as a rock'n'roll attitude and should not be taken too seriously from the first-person perspective at least. Actually, the hunter can be quite an asshole who just takes advantage of his prey. But roles can change, who is a hunter? who is the prey? This is where the twist from the video fíts in. We shot everything in a, during the pandemic, closed music club in our hometown Kiel, in northern Germany. Jörg, using the right equipment and having a very good sense of the mood of the scenes, created a short film with a very cinematic feeling. We are more than happy with the result.

Can the band elaborate on "Midnight Hunter" and what the song release means to each of the members individually?

After the release of our last full album “We live by the steel”, the departure of our ex bass player and rhythm guitarist, having Nino with his fantastic guitar skills on the second guitar, and the upcoming pandemic with no possibility to play any concerts we wanted to make a statement. “We are back, stronger than ever”. We tried to make the best in this strange worldwide situation and wanted to make some strong visual statements as well with the two videos. Even in quarantine and locked at home people can watch videos on YouTube. We got very positive feedback on the songs and the videos and at this time we got over 500.000 views of the new videos on YouTube.

Now that "Midnight Hunter" has successfully debuted, does the band have any plans for future music releases, and if so, can listeners expect a somewhat similar sound to that presented in "Midnight Hunter"?

We made a back-to-back double single release this summer. Together with “ Midnight Hunter” we released a second single and video called “Steelbladed Avenger” through fastball records. Both are available as a double cd single and 12 vinyl. The “Steelbladed Avenger” is more of a classic true metal song with some epic battle lyrics. The video was also a big production for us. Regarding the music video, we joined forces with director Alex Popov, who also was responsible for the specials effects of the Oscar-nominated movie TWO DISTANT STRANGERS as well as director Danny McBride (producer and writer for UNDERWORLD). The team produced a short movie FALLEN ANGEL, which was combined with INNER AXIS’ performance shots creating the perfect “Steelbladed Avenger” music clip. The movie and clip also feature actress Ellen Hollmann (the Steelbladed Avenger), who recently finished her part in The Matrix 4 and worked on the projects Criminal Minds, Spartacus, CSI: Las Vegas, Scorpion King 4, Leathal Weapon: Series, NCIS: New Orleans before. Additional performers include Steven Dunlevy (Mad Max: Fury Road, John Wick 2, Logan: the wolverine, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw), Scott Mcelroy (Reservoir Dogs, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Underworld … stunts for Pulp Fiction) and Anthony De Longis (Master of the Universe, Star Trek Voyager, Highlander: Series, Batman Returns). After the release of the two digital singles the limited digifile CD, incl. both tracks + instrumentals will be available on August, 27th. The 12” vinyl maxi will hit the shops on the same day.

What's next for you?

We are working with full speed on the next full-length album. We have already composed some new songs and are now working on the details in the rehearsing room. Hopefully, we will be entering the pitchback studios in 2022 and have the release at the end of the year.

Of course, we are again planning big things we the next artworks and video too.

We also got the first offers for some shows and support tours and since the corona situation is getting slowly under control, we will try to get on the road next year.


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