Inner Feelings Surface From the Dark on K.M.G’s “Emotions"

The Montreal based Hip-Hop artist K.M.G. is one of those artists whose music helps people relieve their emotions. With musical styles that are a direct byproduct of his environment, songs ranging from hyping you up to making you want to ball your eyes out, K.M.G. is someone who can toy with your emotions and influence a change in your life. Being incredibly evident in K.M.G.’s latest release “Emotions,” along with Goo-Goo Ydb, K.M.G. makes us feel reminiscent of the better times in life.

“Emotions” has a unique flair to modern hip-hop, it has that classic autotune sound to the vocal performances, but the performances themselves are full of raw emotion. Telling us the story of what it’s like to be betrayed after being treated like royalty, “Emotions” is an experience that many individuals will be able to draw a little inspiration from. “Emotions” features a soft, almost ethereal piano, a heavily deep smooth bass that is speakers are loving. With a slightly edgy 808 drum rhythm that dynamically controls the flow of the song, distinctive flairs of ethereal vocal chops that sweeten our ears. K.M.G.’s honest vocals are perfectly matched by a verse from Goo-Goo Ydb that seal the deal for us. We are incredibly excited about K.M.G.’s art and are looking forward to future releases from this artist.

You can find “Emotions” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic K.M.G.! Your latest release “Emotions” feels like the story of what it’s like to be betrayed after being treated like royalty, how do you find yourself personally connecting with the lyrics? What does the song mean to you?

The song was based on experiences that I faced when I first started doing shows. I was treated like I was the top dawg and nobody could stop me. I then later took a break from music to focus on school and sports. That break caused people to be mad at my hiatus. I felt like those who supported me turned on me because of my actions.  

 Emotions could be based on the experiences you’ve faced. You could experience hardship and immediately sympathize with the track. Everyone goes through so much in life that it’s impossible to say you’ve lived a perfect life. “Feel like you saw some s***. Been through some evil s*** now I’m on rebel s***”. Those lyrics are meant for the listener to want to combat their issues instead of cowering in defeat. “I don’t have emotions”, means fight what you’re feeling and push through no matter what. Be relentless, be proactive, and most importantly don’t surrender for what you believe in. Just go for it.

 The song is a story to me and it’s a representation of my experiences.

Both you and Goo-Goo Ydb deliver verses that perfectly complement each other, what was the workflow like for creating this? How did the two of you come to meet?

Honestly, Goo and I go way back so hitting the booth was filled with encouragement and recommendations. He was on me to fix certain because he believed this track had potential and so did I. To get him on the track I hit him, sent him the beat and hook. He was instantly sold. 

I met Goo-Goo Ydb from St-Laurent Spartans Football from there we remained tight. Straight from da 4, CV Canada.

Being based out of Montreal - a heavily French-speaking city - what are some ways that you have been trying to break free from the crowd and find your own unique voice?

Honestly, I realized after my first local viral track Saquon that I was different from the rest from MTL but I sounded like Kodak and that ate me up inside. I wanted to be so unique it drove me crazy sounding like another. From that point on I took a break from music and I focused on ways to be different.

I’m different from others because I rap more than I sing and being from here singing is the culture. Hip-hop music is either a trap or pop. I’m trying to be a hybrid between RnB and rap. I barely do trap songs because I feel like I’m not adequate to rap about trapping because it’s not entirely my lifestyle. I’m more of a “how do I feel inside?” type of artist. I’ll do a track about anything I’m feeling.

Your music has an interesting feeling of being both smooth and edgy, how did you conclude to creating this sound for yourself? Do you ever find yourself seeking new sources of inspiration?

I just love being a smooth type of guy. So the way I talk is the way I write. I like being on the edgy side because that’s what gets everyone's attention. I practice by freestyling with different flows, I practice singing along with using the right tone for each beat. I’m inspired by Juice WRLD, Lil Tjay, and A Boogie wit da Hoodie. I’m inspired by them because their music is so relatable and catchy. It makes me dream of a story and that’s the type of music I want to make. Music that will make you dream.

Now that this song is out, what else are you planning to put out this year?

I’m planning on dropping my first album called Ice Cold. I planned to drop 4-5 music videos along with it. I also plan to drop a song called Dance and Fill in around August as singles to promote the album.