Insomniak973 Claps Back to the Haters on Latest Track "Hate Me"

Insomniak973 was born Rodney Alexandre from Newark, NJ. Falling in love with rap at a young age, Rodney started recording original music as a child. His turbulent adolescence saw him drop out of school, experience homelessness, and lose a close confidant to gun violence. Turning is turbulent past into self-growth, and motivation Insomniak973 is imparting his life lessons into his music and onto stereos worldwide.

His latest release, "Hate Me," is a free-flowing, lyrically charged display of hip-hop that demonstrates what Insomniak973 stands for. There is a dreamy harp strumming heavenly notes and angelic vocalizations sounding in the background atmosphere, which are contrastingly different from the gritty 808 beat and ticking percussion. Insomniak973 raps with prowess and stance as he demonstrates his ownership over the rap game, exemplifying his position to anyone that may challenge or doubt him. "Hate Me," tells the story of a life enveloped in drama and uncertainty- challenging naysayers, living on the run, and taking your well being into your own hands, "Hate Me" is a gritty expose about a life spent living on guard. Insomniak973 has made his mark on his latest hit "Hate Me," make sure you listen to this self-assured hit today.

Discover "Hate Me" here.

Hello Insomniak973 and welcome to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on your latest release "Hate Me." Can you tell us a bit about yourself as an artist and the overall type of messages you aim to incorporate into your music? I'm happy to be here, thank you. As an artist, I represent the pain and the grind that comes from having nothing and still pushing through. I have been there. I did it all. The message in my music is pretty much don't stop. Don't let anything or anyone stop you or hold you back.   There are many verses on "Hate Me" that puts forth a self-validating and challenging haters viewpoints. What was your intention for the messaging of the song and do you feel like you accomplished what you set out to achieve on this track? You have to challenge a hater's viewpoints or else you'll start believing the things they're saying. Ultimate self-confidence won't allow you to believe them. So I guess my message was to ignore the hate and push through it. And yea I definitely feel I accomplished letting everyone know how I feel. What is the music community like in New Jersey and how has it added to your artistry? The music community is hard out here. Not a lot of artists make it out of here but everyone does music. So that means I just have to work harder. But that's a trait that's healthy to have as an artist or in any field. What does the song creation process look like for you? Pretty much I'll go through beats until I hear something dope. Then I'll pull out my phone and start writing whatever comes to my head. It's not really a special event for me and I don't need any extra stimulants. It comes kinda natural for me if I like the beat. 

What's keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

I'm alive and surviving through a time when people were dropping like flies. Just that alone is enough to keep me inspired. I'm happy to live and I'm gonna take advantage of every minute.