Inspire and Elevate With Schmarx & Savvy in "House Party"

DJ duo Schmarx & Savvy stimulate so many of our senses while we listen through their music. Creating music predominantly in the House/Electronic category, Schmarx & Savvy take their incredible experience, combine it together, and design the most refreshing melodies. Having worked with an array of artists, and the aptness they've extracted from such collaboration has really crafted their impression. Their most anticipated follow-up track, "House Party" attracted our attention instantly. 

Giving one listen to Schmarx & Savvy's "House Party", you'll understand what we mean when we say the eccentric energy pulsates through your body. There are natural and atmospheric elements incorporated into the track, and near the chorus, we find that buildup of vitality and spirit is addicting. It's at the chorus where we receive those heavy house soundings that accentuate the track even further.

We've really come to like tracks like "House Party", and mostly because of the intensity and inspiring emotions we get from tracks like this. The level of expertise it takes to curate a sounding this smooth and dynamic is undoubtedly high. Schmarx & Savvy really fascinated us with this track, which makes our ears peeled for whatever the DJ duo will release next.

Give a listen to "House Party" here