Intellect Delivers Raw Imagery With His Latest 'Soul Electric'

Making his debut in 2013, Michael “Intellect” Dowd is a talented hip-hop artist, songwriter, actor, and US military soldier from Pensacola, FL. Shortly after his debut, Intellect decided to release music that was only a raw and unapologetic representation of himself.


“Soul Electric” is another hip-hop smash from Intellect, fusing high energy, multi-layered beats, with a heavy bass-line and a quickly confident, easy-going subject matter and performance. It’s is an easy anthem for contemporary hip hop fans. Intellect and E. Smitty drive with a simple lust for life including catchy hooks, laid-back concepts, professionalism, and style.

This release is far from the exception and offers yet another track that further cements Intellect’s sound and approach as an artist. The lyrics are raw and Intellect and E. Smitty truly layout their individual journeys and experiences. “Soul Electric” not only showcases Intellect’s skill as a rapper and lyricist, but he gives us high energy and catchy delivery to each hook that will have any listener shouting along with him. The multi-talented artist shows his versatility through this release. “Soul Electric” is a song that connects a little more strongly with every few moments that pass by, and with each new revisit. That intensity and swagger drive things along in an appealing way, reminding you there’s a musical connection at the heart of Intellect’s work and his reasons for making pure bangers. 

Listen to “Soul Electric” here and read more with Intellect below!