InternalEye’s Good Ear for Music Will Leave You Speechless with the Songs He Released in 2019

InternalEye is an artist you don’t want to miss out on. He will completely create the ultimate experience for you as a listener, and it doesn’t get any better than that! Currently based in India, InternalEye crafts ambient and electronic soundscapes. He has always had a deep connection with music and got his start by playing the guitar in various bands during his early twenties.

His good ear for sound has led him to release absolutely amazing music with a good substantial production behind it. InternalEye keeps you captivated with his bewitching and magically executed singles.  With such ease, InternalEye blends a variety of styles to create his own signature sound. Sourcing inspiration from the likes of Hammock, Coldplay, This Patch of Sky and Passengers - InternalEye has a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere within each song he writes. Listeners can experience this first hand in tracks such as, “Who” and “Open Heart”.  InternalEye represents everything an artist should be in our personal opinion. The passion he has for his craft is what’s important and resonates well through the music he releases. Artists who rush their projects, or don’t take much time in developing their artistry usually fall short from the lasting impressions on listeners. However, for InternalEye, he goes against that stigma and the thought out planning he has put into his music can be heard through how nearly perfected the product of his music. 

Hey InternalEye! To start out, we love the stage name. What was the story behind it? What does it mean to you?

It’s all about perception for me. The fact that we all have two eyes, see the same world but our perceptions are different and somewhat unique. This happens because of our Inner eye so I wanted to convey this through my moniker and hopefully enhance the act of perception through my sound.

What’s the most challenging aspect of production for you and in what ways do you overcome the obstacles?

I don’t find too many complications in the process of production, it always seems like a joyful process to me. I guess it’s tough only when I’m emotionally down or drained in some way. Sometimes I wish I had more opportunities to work with a vocal performer I really connect with, the extension of my sound would find a new dimension if a bond like that could develop.

Where do you find most of your inspiration from for your songwriting? Your music is absolutely amazing.

Thanks, I’m glad you liked my work. Inspiration is all around. For me, the fact that I get to live amongst nature means a lot. I love spending time walking in the forest, connecting deeply with some people, listening to my favorite artists on long drives and going deeper and deeper into the world of sound.

Were there any direct influences in both “Who” and “Open Heart”? If so mind detailing this?

“Who” is an expression of a deep-rooted longing which never ceases. An expression of the human predicament. “Open Heart” came through me as an expression of pure joy, hence the title, an attempt to open up the listener's heart through sound.

How were you able to emotionally connect to the lyrics behind both releases? Can you recall any personal experiences that helped relate to the theme of both of these singles?

2020 should be exciting for you! What do you have in store for us InternalEye?

I always have a number of tracks I’m working on so I plan to keep releasing them on a regular basis. I also feel my sound is evolving. I’m moving towards a more organic guitar-based ambient sound. I look forward to sharing my new work with you all.