INTERVIEW: BuzzMusic Talks With Saugasson

Hey Saugasson! Can you briefly give our BuzzMusic readers a sense of who you are as a Rap/Hip-Hop artist? 

As a rap/hiphop artist I am simply me. I don’t have a template i follow nor do i replicate anything i have seen or heard i just do me. 

"Nf / Never Fail" is robust and explosive in the best ways possible! How was the production of the album? Did you run into any creative bumps while curating?

Thank you! & The production of this single was pretty fun actually and I didn’t run into any issues i actually made this song fairly quick and easily.

What would you say allows you to stay in tune with who you are as an artist?

I would say my personality and just who i am as a person; unwilling to be what i am not and completely open being myself. Those are the reasons i can stay in tune with who i am as an artist. 

Would you say that your music is highly reflective on you and your experiences thus far? How do you come up with the predominant inspirations behind your music?

In my music i only write of real life experiences and emotions. So therefore my music ends up being very much reflective on my current experiences and of me. My predominant inspiration behind my music is life itself everything around me, everything i feel and everyone I interact with is potential inspiration. 

We're anticipating the release of your album "Miss Karter". How's the production coming along? Is there a set release date yet?!

Aha, well the production is on its way and it should be done relatively soon. However, I don’t have a release date just yet but you will be one of the first to know!


Listen to Saugasson's latest track here, and check out his socials below!