Interview: Catch a Vibe With Melo Muller In His New Track "Turn Around"

February 14, 2020

Welcome to BuzzMusic Melo Muller! You're planning on having a huge 2020 packed with a collection of releases. We're excited to hear this! What can we expect from your music this year? How do you deal with the pressure of debuting your music? You can expect to hear new sounds and me exploring my versatility this year in my various projects I plan to drop.

Tell us about "Turn Around". Where did you find most of your inspiration from for this single and how did you fuse it into your own individual style? I debut my music on social media all feedback is good feedback.

Has growing up in Houston Texas impacted your artistry in any form? How did you discover the sound you were aiming for in "Turn Around"? “Turn Around” is a single that expresses and describes the violence and gangs on the southside of Houston I just took what I have seen and went through and harmonize it.

"Turn Around" was a great release! how were you able to challenge yourself when creating this song? what aspect did you find to be the biggest obstacle of "Turn Around" that you had to overcome?

“Turn Around” the biggest aspect I had to overcome was showing fans that I not only rap about shootings n can prove that I’m more versatile.

What's next for you?

Next for me is dropping my first mixtape “Block Model”  and really get my name around create a buzz to start setting up more shows.

Listen to the full album here.