Interview: Catching Up With Stunt

Welcome to BuzzMusic! How would you describe your approach to making music to someone who hasn't heard it before? 

I think my approach is different and familiar at the same time with the style I bring and with that heavy bass everyone loves.

You've described your sound as "RnBay" and we love that! What do you think sets your sound apart in today's music scene?

The sound I bring is unique everyone wants to sound like everyone else nowadays and are afraid to make their own sound. From the keys to that heavy bay area bass line sets me apart from a lot of music that is out.

Have you always lived in Oakland? Do you think living in California gives you an edge in the music scene?

I was born and raised in Oakland California. There is so much art and music and the vibe out here is different from a lot of places so I do think being from Cali gives me an edge in the music scene.

We're loving your collaboration with Young Walker on "Back That Ass Up". How did this project come about? What was the writing process like for this track? 

I've known Young Walker quite a while. We were talking about making music the right beat presented itself and the hook came from there and the song just happen. When the writing comes along its jus all vibing to it and going with the beat.

We also checked out your other solo release this year "Surf In It"! It really showcases you as a versatile artist! What do you hope listeners take away from this song? 

Surf in it is an island type of vibe that can be danced to or even relaxed to. It gives out a dope vibe, feel-good music.

It was such a treat to chat with you about your recent releases! What's next for you artistically? Do you have any events or shows in the near future? 

ANSWER: likewise! I'm working on a smooth Spanish/English song, I love to make all types of music with that “RNBAY” flavor to it of coarse lol. Like you said Versatile Artist, and it won't stop there I'm going to keep making feel-good music stuff that ppl will love or learn to love