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Interview: Chatting With Hollywood-Based Producer & Songwriter Chris Doss

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chris Doss. You've been making your mark on the modern music scene for over a decade. What's kept you inspired to continue creating and collaborating all these years?

Thanks for having me. Honestly, music is the air I breathe. Outside of family, there’s nothing I love more in life. Makes it pretty easy to stay in it for the long haul. Working with amazing new artists and talented friends doesn’t tend to get old.

Considering you're primarily self-taught, where and how did you find the information to make your music career a reality? How did you teach yourself such a complex craft?

Lots of trial and error!! I had been in bands before I started producing, and I’d always pay attention to the producers and engineers we’d work with. Once I got into the more intricate production areas, forums and YouTube videos were pretty clutches. Later on, I had a mentor who would (brutally honestly) tell me where I needed to improve, which was huge for growth as well.

Do you have a preferred genre when creating music? Or do you feel comfortable making and producing sounds across the genre spectrum?

I do a pretty wide variety, but I’d have to say pop. There’s an elegance to it that I’m taken with. The fact that it can be anything you want it to be. I’m also still true to my roots and love to take on rock projects and take any chance I get to add some guitars to any and all production. Hip-hop is also fun for me, but more of a guilty pleasure.

Do you have any words of advice for other producers, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists looking to reach a similar status? What is your recipe for success?

Honestly, I’m still a work in progress myself. I’d say for sure not to chase trends. Sure, learn how they’re done and expand your arsenal, but just do you. Whatever you feel you make best and what makes you happy. I’ve wasted many years chasing trends, and I’d love for other producers and writers not to experience the same pitfalls.


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