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Interview: Cory Marks Shines A Spotlight On His Single, "Flying"

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cory Marks. We couldn't stop tapping our feet when listening to your new hit, "Flying." What was your source of inspiration behind this fierce single?

“Flying” is really a mix of my passion for aviation portrayed through the mind of a fighter pilot but also relates to my life both personally and professionally, with things finally starting to take off again after being grounded - in a way - for the past few years. I finished my own pilot's license throughout this pandemic, and it was symbolic - I was done being grounded... and I’m ready to fly!

Did you have any artistic or musical influences in mind when crafting your hard-hitting and dynamic instrumentals for "Flying"? What or who helped you bring this killer sound to life?

I’ll credit my producer Kevin Churko here. We needed one more hard-hitting rock song for this project, and he challenged the team to write about something I'm extremely passionate about, lying and planes - and now we're flying… I’m glad that he pushed me!

What was the core message you wanted listeners to take from "Flying"? How did you want your lyrics to impact them?

It has been a dream of mine to shoot a “top gun” like the music video for one of my songs. Over the years, I've made a lot of great friends in aviation and the military, and one of them happens to be a huge fan of my music. But is also a cf-18 hornet fighter pilot - it was an honor to feature him in this video.

Why did you choose to release "Flying" as a single for the I Rise EP? How does this song prepare listeners for what's to come?

Both the song and the EP spotlight my rock side... or the edgier side of cory marks. I love the energy of the project and hope my fans and listeners do too.

What's next for you?

I’m currently on show 3 of 25 across the US with Brantley Gilbert and Five Finger Death Punch. After that, I'll be home for Christmas for some family time and then more new music in 2023. I'm hoping for another rock radio hit, but I hope to be charting on country radio in the new year!


Facebook: /corymarksmusic


Twitter: @corymarksmusic

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