INTERVIEW: East The Unsigned

Welcome back to BuzzMusic East The Unsigned! New York has birthed some of the most iconic hip-hop stars, tell us how it was growing up in Brooklyn, and if you've ever been influenced by your environment?

Thank you for having me back! I was born in Brooklyn but actually raised in North Carolina. Having pride in where I was born really kept me in touch with the culture even though I wasn't in Brooklyn as much I would have liked to be. Growing up, my favorite artists were Biggie and Jay-Z so that is where I get a lot of my style and musical inspiration from.

What's the most challenging aspect of being an upcoming artist and how do you maneuver through this obstacle?

The biggest challenge I have encountered would have to be exposure. Seeing that I haven't performed at many shows, majority of my fan-base has grown from my online presence. 

Let's talk some more about your single "Be Down". What was the main vision for this single? 

My vision for this specific song has been to add a different feel to my catalog of music in addition to showcasing my versatility as an artist and producer. 

Mind detailing to our readers the production of this record and what inspired you to create this?

I came across a dance-hall song that one of my Instagram followers was listening to and I was inspired by the sound of the instrumental. I hit the lab and came up with the production for this song.

You've gained quite a lot of traction from this single so far, how do you plan on elevating yourself from a hit like this? What can we expect in the future!?

I've been really focused on growing my artist relationship with playlist curators and seeing if that route can increase my fan-base along with social media promotion of my music. In the future, you can look forward to more lyrical songs from me as well as the commercial side of my musical abilities. 


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