Interview: Everything You Need To Know About Lankford's Latest Single "Try"

Lankford! Great to see you back here on BuzzMusic! We've heard about your recent release "Try"! Can you tell us where the inspiration was drawn from to curate this track?

Thanks for having me. “Try” was inspired by some failed attempts at my personal goals and past relationships. I wanted to leave the listener with the feeling that trying is all part of the journey. That just because we fail doesn’t mean we give up or change direction. We just try again.

We genuinely feel that rustic and trustworthy element to your music, and especially with "Try". Your sound has, and we imagine always will have that pure authenticity. What would you say are personal characteristics you hope your music is encompassing?

I'm glad you feel that. Honestly, that is a very important part of the band Lankford. I try (pun intended) to be as genuine to the song as it was when it first came to me. I think recording shortly after writing the song helps to capture that.

How do you feel residing in California is aiding in the full development of your artistry?

I miss Alaska, it will always be home. But California sure has opened the road to traveling more and experiencing more adventures. And I think that makes for good writing.

Can you try and describe how it is you feel towards music? How did you know that pursuing music was your ultimate passion?

When I was a kid, listening to music helped me to deal with a lot of emotion. It was my therapy, my place to go and daydream about the future, or fully feel an emotion without judgment. I believe music has a profound way of using vibration and words to shake up our emotions and connecting them to something external. Almost drawing them out and helping us to fully experience the emotions our brain so desperately tries to push down as a survival mechanism. I didn’t know it was my passion, I guess I just started writing and singing at a young age because I loved it. When I got older, around age 20, I could never find any bands who needed a singer, so I decided to teach myself the guitar. I have never stopped writing and performing since.

What would say is the main goal for Lankford down the road? 2 years from now? 7 years?

The main goal for Lankford is to release a full album within 2 years and hopefully get a song featured in a film. I love the way music helps a movie invoke emotion. I also believe in leaving the door open for any opportunities that may present themselves. Who knows maybe Lankford will have a platinum-selling hit one day.

How would you describe the integral elements to all of your music? When you're curating each song, what aspect needs to be included in each to make it a true "Lankford" production?!

I aim to give almost an open dialogue about my struggles in life, hoping in some way it helps others to be open and honest with themselves. While delivering it with the same energy that I had in the writing process, with just a touch of production. With “Try” it was written and recorded on acoustic guitar in my home studio in just one session.

Then I sent the draft to my good friend Alson, an amazing producer from the Netherlands. He put some love into the raw sounds for me and added the much-needed driving beat. I don’t care how these songs fit together during the production, as long as they are honest with my emotions at the time. Try is definitely one of my favorites.