INTERVIEW: Joules Talks Over Her Recent Music!

Hey Joules! We're appreciative to have the chance to talk through your recent music with you! How are you feeling as an artist, in the midst of releasing new material?

This last single was super emotional....some heavy thoughts went into these lyrics, and it was exhausting to be that raw, but my next few are totally fun and funky...."Struck Down" and "Mad Love" are coming out early next year and they are the love child of circus desire and crazy warm fulfillment!! We gave a listen to "Heroes", and it was an incredibly intimate experience between artist and listener. Is this the predominant approach you focus on while curating your music, to connect with your listeners in a raw and authentic way?

I want to give my fans the real deal..each of my songs is a tiny capsule of raw energy and expression, whether it be a fun and sexy vibe or some downright serious shit. I can only write what I am feeling, and I have an abundance of those devilish things... Your rock persona shines through to us, it's a natural element to your music. The other elements you blend in to create your sound is extremely diversified. Can you tell us more about the creative technique you have when deciding what eclectic sounds should be integrated within your sound?

Each song is its own entity and personality. Some are hard and strong and require tribal drums and screaming guitars. Others are elegant and sensual, calling for strange percussion, or evocative voices. I have many friends that play various instruments and sing with their unique sounds. But everything is rebellious and distinct....rock is an attitude, not a genre. When you're singing songs like "Heroes" at a live show, do you actually feel the intimacy of the connection between artist and listener? Yes, because that song is like lovemaking. It starts out slow and sensual with a tinge of sadness and then builds to its forceful conclusion. That song really brings out the beast in me... I use my hips, my legs, my face, and eyes to give the audience my heart..since I am playing the bass, I cannot stop, I cannot use my hands or arms for expression, and that really makes me pour everything out of my mouth. It is a restrictive but expansive experience all at the same time. We're thankful to have gotten the time to talk about "Heroes" and other aspects of your artistic career! What's the goal now for Joules in 2020, both artistically and personally? I hope that more people will hear my music. I really need to get a wider audience to fulfill my true goals. Touring and playing to a live audience every fucking night..writing music for and with other artists. There are so many I would like to collaborate with, but many are out of reach due to my relative unknown status. 2020 is time to fix that...

Give a listen to Joules and her sound here!