Interview: Kiera Loveless Debuts Her New Single "Cadillacs"

Hello Kiera Loveless! Tell us all about your new single "Cadillacs"

Hello! "Cadillacs" is my fourth song baby that is out as of Friday, July 24th! It's a super special tune to me that is written about the only thing that endures really tough times, and overcomes any material possession-love! It's nostalgic and happy and I hope it makes you want to roll your windows down and belt the chorus! (Don't worry, it's easy to learn).

What inspired this song?

This song is extra special to me because the lyrics were inspired by my parent's love story. We've never had much, but I always felt so loved by them and saw how much they truly loved each other. That was enough for us. The album artwork features a photo of my parents when they first started dating at 17 years old!

Where do you find inspiration for writing new music?

Wow, almost anything, but mostly my real-life experiences. I think most songwriters will agree that a good song usually has some truth behind it, whether it's the writer telling their own story through song, or telling someone else's story. This song was written after having a deep talk with my co-writer and good friend, Damian Malnar, about how money really isn't all that important - and how we are totally happy being "young dumb and broke" as TikTok says these days.

Tell us what you hope listeners take away after hearing "Cadillacs"?

I hope they can feel encouraged to lean on those that they love and to be content with where they are right now. I often end up with $10 to my name before my next paycheck, and I'm happy as a clam. I work really hard to pay my bills and sometimes it stinks to not be able to splurge on a nice dinner, but the things that truly bring me joy are not material. My parents taught me that, and that is at the core of this song. I hope you can also get away from this crazy world for just a moment, and understand that you're not alone. We all struggle, and we're in this life together.

We are halfway through 2020 - what do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Goodness, if only I knew! To be honest, I take it one song at a time. I'm a completely independent artist (although I never feel alone!) and, as I said, I'm not rolling in dough. However, I hope to create more content for you guys as soon as possible. I have some music I'm really proud of that I hope to share with you soon. As for the rest of 2020, I'm starting my Christmas countdown already.  (I am one of those people and I'm not sorry about it).

Do you have plans to release an EP this year?

I do not! I would love to release an EP one day, but for now, I'm taking it one song at a time. 

Where can fans connect with you and hear your new music?

My music can be streamed and downloaded anywhere you listen to music! Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, and honestly so much more that you'd have stopped reading by now if I listed them all. If you look up "Kiera Loveless", that's me! I have 4 songs out now, including "Cadillacs"! You can connect with me on Instagram and Facebook at @kieralovelessmusic, Twitter at @kieraloveless and Youtube: and visit my website at I also have merch available at if you want a fun T-Shirt, Mug or Sweatshirt! I'll be adding to the collection soon :) 

Listen to "Cadillacs" here.