Welcome to BuzzMusic Lil Dane. you've had a prominent amount of success so far! which has been the most monumental moment in your career and why?

I’m say the most monumental moment i had is when i had a listen session for jayz label roc nation in new york because he was one of my favorite artist growing up now I’m sitting in his office building was pretty dope 

Where do you draw most of your musical inspiration from? In what ways were you inspired?

My inspiration comes from my family my deceased best friend who i grew up doing music with and all the people depending on me i can’t let them down that’s what keeps me going 

Let's talk about your project "Greatness". What was the main theme behind this? did you face any challenges creating it?

The theme behind this project Everything i do have to be greater then before I have to be the best at whatever I’m tryna to do when you listen to the ep you can tell I’m just on a different level that’s greatness 

What's your favorite part of songwriting? How do you get in the mood to write the perfect hit?

My favorite part is writing the lyrics discovering new words to use in the song when i hear a fire beat that’s what gets me in the mood you wouldn’t know it’s a hit until you start put it out there 

What's next for you Lil Dane?

I just fly back in town from Burbank California i had to perform at dame dash studio after that I’m doing a meet and greet with nas in New Orleans aug 24

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