Welcome to BuzzMusic MachGang! We think it's great that you're still pursuing education as well. what's your major? how do you manage to maintain both school and music?

My major is Electrical Engineering and it is hard to manage both school and music so i'm still figuring out how to manage it especially since engineering takes so much of your time, but if this song can get really big I might take a break from school and focus on music only.

What was the inspiration behind the name "MachGang"? It's super creative and unique!

The name MachGang originated from me trying to come up with a dope twitter header name for when I was supposed to get twitter famous, which didn't happen. I used to switch up the last part of my name after Mach, Mach being the first part of my last name which is Machiri, like for example MachCash, MachMoney, MachMe, but MachGang was the one I liked the most. One thing you should know is my last name is pronounced "Match-erie" so MachGang is pronounced "Match-Gang".  

We loved your single "Get Out" ! was this your first record? Did you face any challenges creating it?

Yes, Get Out was my first record ever and it all came together pretty nicely but writing it was not easy because this was the first time i ever attempted to rap.

How do you plan on elevating your next song from a hit like "Get Out"? What can our listeners expect differently?

I plan on elevating the next song by continuing with my style rap but telling a different story. People should expect a more happy mood song then get out.

What's next for MachGang?

What's next for me is to release a couple more songs and if people are still loving me then ill go all in into music and hopefully I can become something big, but for now I'll just take my time and release songs when I think it's really good.


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