INTERVIEW: Overflow!

What's up Overflow! we're glad to have you here on our Buzzmusic platform. Mind telling our readers a bit about your background and upbringing?

I was brought up in a household where no one played an instrument. I have the only musical bone of my family. My sister’s always had a creative side to them though but these days, who is able to fight through the wrath of your parents wanting you to do something that “makes money”.  But since I had the opportunity to go off to boarding school, I had a lot of time to find the type of person I wanted to be and the life I wanted to live. Since I was 15, I knew that I wanted to pursue music as a career and it wasn’t until I was 19 that I had the strength to carry through with it. I started producing when I was 17 and I got addicted to it. I actually didn’t have that much care about HipHop music until I took a class in college called “Performance of Hip-hop”. That's when I was able to start and create raps and find my own voice. Then I reached out to some venues that put together artists line ups and I started to perform! “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” My life has dramatically changed and now I’ve found the happiness that I’ve been looking for.

What or who would you consider one of your main inspirations for music and why?

When I make music, I do it with an end goal in mind. What do I want to make and what impact will it have? The message needs to be there or I have trouble writing. I always believed that I should only speak when I have something of worth to say, that way I will have created something thought-provoking or meaningful. Now my music isn’t always something really deep like “Brasil” but it has an intended purpose and affects. So when I make music, I look toward those who have said the message I tried to convey the message the best, be it Rapper, Poet, or someone else that has influenced me. In the rapper realm, some of my inspirations are A Tribe Called Quest, Capital Steez, Kendrick Lamar, JPEGMAFIA. This group because they either are able to bring an energy level that I want to have in my music or can ask the thought-provoking questions that I wrestle with myself. When it comes to creativity, I have to give a nod to the Drum and Bass scene. I spent a lot of my time listening to the people that make Dn’B in Europe and they have taught me that the only limit on the sounds you can create is your imagination. Big ups to Noisia, Reso, Halogenix, Ivy Lab and all the others that have participated in the culture. 

Let's talk about your single "Brasil". where did you draw most of your inspiration from for this song?

The song came from the want to make something that belonged to the summer. There are a lot of “Summertime Hits” but I wanted to bring influence from other cultures. That why I thought it would be perfect to bring in Bossa Nova samples into this new song. As a Jazz musician as well, I’ve been playing Bossa Nova songs for some time and I thought this would be the perfect opportunities to fuse 2 worlds. So this song is probably my most surface valued song. Just a good time with life. Enjoy the good times while they last. 

Let's talk about this upcoming album of yours. What can we expect from this project? what are some challenges you faced in creating this?

You can expect flows never heard of and styles you never knew existed until the vibrations of sound have hit your soul. I plan on bringing out my raunchy and “Give no fucks” attitude and a very reflective and introspective tone as well. I’ve been curating what I've wanted this album to be so I’ve taken careful time and meticulously picked which songs will be on the album. The hardest challenge I’ve had to face when creating this album is answering the question “How do I want to present myself to the world?” So picking the songs that I want to have described me is very difficult but my vision is clear and we’ve found the answer.

What is the impact you hope this upcoming album leaves behind on its listener?

I hope that people can find the strength to be themselves. People talk about being yourself all the time but don't really understand the courage it takes to do so. Coming to terms that everyone won't like you is hard, but you’ll live a much happier and fulfilled life. I also want people to digest some of the messages that I’m going to give. I have a particular song that’s a story of a woman that has been the victim of toxic masculinity and how toxic masculinity affects men as well. I hope men are able to listen to that song and check themselves and see why they might feel a certain way about women and what is health. What most men don’t realize is that we’ve created this social norm that men have to be strong and carry the burden of everyone around his or he’ll be emasculated. He can’t show emotion or he’s weak and he has to hit on women or he’s a pussy. That shit has got to stop. It’s tiring as fuck and it helps no one. So I want to free some men from this curse of toxic masculinity and realize his own worth.

What's next for you?

 Same as always, become a better artist, uncover the truths of this world, have a fun time with friends, spend my time with loved ones. 

Make sure you give a listen to Overflow's latest single here!