Interview: Phaze3 Debuts Her New Single "Sipping"

Talk to us a little about your stage name. What's the story behind Phaze3?

Phaze3 is a universe name. It represents life! Life on all levels. She is the galaxy of life!

There are so many different parts of our lives and we all go through different phases of our lives and Phaze3 herself carries the number 3 to her name because there are three vitally important phases that Phaze has taken people through to help them to reach their destiny. A woman of the Faith she is.

What’s so important about Phaze3 is that you have to give her room to breathe to allow her to spread her wings and birth out these important phases not just to others but to herself too. Phaze3, because she is universal.. she will always be changing as the universe changes to not only meet the needs of herself; but others as well.

You recently released your new single "Sipping" which is a song that seems deeply personal and suggests you have finally found peace and happiness in your life. What does this song mean to you?

This song means everything to me! That final chapter of holding on to things that I knew was holding me down and back, I have let go!

I now am ready to move to newness in my life; because I can’t carry anything old into my new life. Everything that is already built for me for the future; I have to have a new attitude, a new walk, a new talk, a new investment, a new spirit, new relationships in order to get to my Destiny.

I can’t rely on the old because the old has had its time! It’s time for everything to be remade new and move!

In the creative process of writing "Sipping", how did you take your emotions and ideas and make them come to life?

Sipping was so easy to write because once I heard the beat and I placed my mind on the Lord; that place brought me to my own journey; which was an emotional journey for me because I thought everybody that I had poured into almost all my life was going to pour back into me once they saw what God was doing to me; but that wasn’t always the case; therefore I had to get tough and go through tests and get fit to stand alone if I had to.

Most Gospel music is surrounded around testimonies or cry out songs for help or rejoicing songs. I knew that it was going to be one or the other for me because of my path to get here right now. Sipping is a mixture of a testimony song and a rejoicing song that I just put in my own style marked after my own emotions.

Did you face any challenges creating "Sipping"?

I did not face any challenges writing, Sipping, because I know my talents and I can write to any beat as well as write songs without music beats. What I loved the most after seeing the lyrics that God gave to me to write; I realized that this song is global because so many people can relate to all these things I talk about in this song. Sipping is so much bigger than me; because it represents everybody.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

You will see the rise up of the new Gospel Queen, with her new name release. You will see the new era flow of gospel music, you also will see nothing but great music from me in a different genre. I feel as though most people want to see me more on the hip-hop side, but I have so much more than that to give; so I’m planning on keeping my music uptempo, hot and spicy, full of flavor for all ages to relate to. What’s great about, Phaze3 Muzic, is that it is organized to captivate the hearts, souls, and minds of all people. Stay will Phaze3, for she definitely will stay with you. Continue to follow me on all my platforms. Greatness is what I posses!

Listen to "Sipping" here.