Interview: Tyler Allred Dives Deep Into His Latest Single "Get Well Soon"

Hey, Tyler Allred! Welcome back! The music world recently saw the release of your track, "Get Well Soon". Now looking back to when you first began writing the song, how do you feel this particular release differed from your other work as an artist?

It was a completely different writing process than any of my songs in the past. What happened was my publishing company set up a co-write and basically told me “hey we’ve got this great songwriter from London meet him at the studio and see what you guys come up with.” So I went and met with this super talented guy who’s gone by the artist name Jole’. Very quickly he Began playing that riff and we started trading lines lyrically. Normally I just handle the whole writing process myself but this was cool, I did a little guitar and the vocals and he also engineered and produced the track.

"Get Well Soon" had a very amicable presence, which we felt primarily derived from the delicacy of your voice. We've always noticed the lighter tones associated with your vocals, as they're incredibly intrinsic to your sound. Would you say that you've crafted this overall vocal performance with time, or does the airier vocal execution come naturally to you?

Well, I’ve never much thought about that actually I think it just kind of has always come out that way. When I was younger I used to try and hide my raspiness and just kind of yell my songs, but eventually, I just embraced my natural voice.

What were you hoping your listeners would truly get out of "Get Well Soon"? Were there any specific connections you wanted to make regarding your listening base or was there a particular theme you were wanting to get across?

Well, when I met up with Jole’ to co-write a song I had no idea what was going to happen and no motives of what we’d be making. What happened basically is the song kind of reflected what was happening in my life at the time, kind of like “ I adore you but maybe I’m no good for you “ type of thing. That turned out to be false and the relationship is even stronger now.  It also touches on personal insecurities and my past with addiction a bit.

As an artist whose seen his fair share of personal battles, can you describe how you got to the point where your hardships became your fuel for creating and manifesting the very music you release today?

Honestly, the simple answer is I got sober. Before that, it was very hard to see the positive in any of it and life was pretty hopeless. When I got to California I was very lucky to meet some people In the music industry I respect that helped get me to a point I could make and release my music.  Sobriety helped me to see my biggest struggles in life are my greatest assets, in music and everyday life. I’m very lucky to have some great people in life. Shout out to my Mom, my girlfriend Stephanie, Matt Ward, Vlad, Kris Trindl, Mat Devine, Lawson Higgins, and all my friends and family who’ve helped me along the way.

What can we expect to see next from Tyler Allred throughout 2020?

More music.

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