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Intimate Tones Thrive in Haunting Brilliance With "Second Guess"

Emerging, London-based duo Stone Fruit makes an impact in 2021 with their first single of the year, “Second Guess.”

Both having worked on different projects, this duo is the fruit of their longstanding friendship and their unquenchable need to create a sound that brings together elements of soul, pop, R&B, and electronic music.

“Second Guess,” is the first single off of their forthcoming EP. Excited to welcome this promising addition to their music catalog, the anticipation they have is set high for their audience to take in a brilliantly atmospheric realm, drenched in profound tenors.

A variety of sounds sway our perspective into the depths of strikingly foreboding timbres that cascade with sonically alluring melodies. The mystical elements linger on our minds as enchanted hues imprint themselves through the delicate vocal performance, accompanying prevailing lyrical motifs. Enlisting the talents of Valentini Pavlidou to swarm listeners in ominous harmonies, the instant gratification that unveils itself comes with ethereal production components, courtesy of Lef Germenlis.

This composition gradually builds as the therapeutic framework makes a statement in the song’s overall structure. Progressing with a narrative that seamlessly flows in harmony with the tantalizing universe before you, we peek through a lens of self-doubt and self-reflection. Stone Fruit does a remarkable job of bringing us into their world with the intention of gracefully setting us to rest in the thought-provoking quintessence of their creations.

As “Second Guess,” reflects the storylines and pulsing resonance to be heard on the forthcoming EP, we eagerly await to set sail on a sonic expedition so lucid in nature.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Stone Fruit! We’re thrilled to be able to hear the first single from your forthcoming EP. “Second Guess,” is hauntingly beautiful and most certainly stirs up a heap of emotion and thoughts. What encouraged you to make this the lead single from the project?

Thank you for the kind words and for having us! There are a few reasons that we chose ‘Second Guess’ to be the first single of our third EP. In all our releases, we try to avoid getting limited by trying to stick to a specific style, but instead let our songs reflect our current state of mind, our evolution as artists and humans. This song is influenced by the music that we were listening to this year, and it encompasses a lot of personal thoughts and feelings. Moreover, we wanted to share something that better reflects our creative process which usually involves just the two of us, recording multiple layers for hours and messing around with less conventional sounds.

Was there a specific moment or story that inspired the meaning behind “Second Guess?"

During this year we have re-evaluated a lot of things in our lives. Although it has been challenging at times, songwriting has been a great way of getting thoughts and worries off our chest but also celebrate and highlight everything that is right with the world. With all of this in mind, we started writing ‘Second Guess’ and ended up finishing the song in a couple of days. It was just one of these situations, where ideas flow effortlessly although it is such an esoteric song.

The dynamism shared through your talents with Valentini Pavlidou and Lef Germenlis on this track produces a feathery realm into which we fall with ease. Job exceedingly well done! How did this collaboration come to be? What was it like working with one another?

Although we have been best friends and have collaborated on multiple occasions for a long time, it took some time to finally realize that it would be great to write music together! When we wrote and produced our very first song together, it was so magical that we knew we needed to do more. Working with good friends has so many privileges. We have this habit of always having a great cup of coffee and chit-chat for at least half an hour and share news about our day/week before we start doing anything else! Sometimes, the subjects we cover in these conversations will eventually turn into lyric lines or songs. There is respect between us, and we care about the music as much we care for one another. We can be honest while we bounce ideas off each other but also have fun. These aspects are so important in the creative process.

What can listeners expect to hear on your forthcoming EP? What has you most excited about the release?

The new EP will have five songs in total and has so many different influences. Being able to explore and implement sounds that are aesthetically pleasing for us as individuals and as a team, makes us feel truly free and blessed. Additionally, it was lovely to get such a positive response on ‘Second Guess’ so we cannot wait to see what our listeners will think of the new songs and how they will interpret them. Along with four original songs, the EP will also include a cover of one of our favorite songs, ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac. Although our songs don’t sound like Fleetwood Mac, there are specific aspects of their songwriting that have influenced us deeply, like the awesome lyrics and storytelling and their haunting vocal harmonies. We have never included a cover in any of our gigs or releases but ‘Everywhere’ is such a lovely song and we found ourselves noodling with it on a Wednesday afternoon. We started changing up the chords and the melodies and bringing it close to our style in such an organic way that we had to make it part of our next release! We also filmed the whole process so we will probably release a video that will give our listeners an insight into the space we are working in and of our creative process.

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